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    Polaris ranger diesel

    I have a ranger diesel out on demo. It’s very nice and hasn’t failed to go anywhere yet, looks to be very good in diesel . My only gripe with is it is how hard u have to drive it. Wee are quite hilly . Will it last the pace is what I’m thinking ??
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    Splitting Claas liner rotor

    I need to get into rotor of liner 2800, can someone tell me what to do
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    Straight pipe for a n series valtra tractor

    My upright exhaust has broke and u can only buy the complete thing £1000 no thanks , Thinking just a straight pipe welded on would do the job but want it looking nice. It just a bit of old pipe . Anybody make them bespoke ?
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    Too dry for fert just now ?

    Just been at fert in grazing land nothing on silage yet but it is dry here now with an eaterly wind coming in. Has been a good dew in the morning but with this easterly that might disappear. Carryon spreading or wait until rain In forecast I see nothing for at least a week. Straight N going on...
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    Claas 2800 rotor repair help

    Going to get started fixing my rake, it has burst pipes to extending rams and a broken rotor arm inside rotor . How do I strip rotor to find problem . Top of rotor has the pinion gearbox I take it then looks to be couple big castle nuts then underneath loads of Allen head studs to split it can...
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    Roller leaking

    I have a 10ft Fleming field roller . 2x split drums . Was leaking so took it apart and both drums the same round the collar where shaft goes through in the centre cracked right round letting water out. I buffed down and welded up pretty well and re filled but I noticed wet patch where they were...
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    Sell store cattle now or wait

    Do I sell my 11/12 month old stores in next couple week or hold another month to 6 week . Plenty of silage and shed room here, guy feeling is buyers want to buy cattle straight for grass in months time .
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    Baler additive setup

    Thinking of putting additive applicator on baler (fusion) for some customers . Any idea in cost etc. how do u set them as obv forward speeds alter in different crops . Any pics how mounted would be appreciated
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    Slatted Channel for sucklers

    So my 3 adjoining cubicle shed for sucklers are scraped out by tractor then slurry has to be turned 45 degree then pulled slimg front of sheds before then needing to spin run pushing into concrete wall storage pit, holds 50000 gallon not big enough but that’s problem for another day . I find it...
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    Lfass money

    Who in Scotland has got there’s ? There was a write up in Scottish farmer few week ago saying it was getting distributed in the following week but we haven’t received it yet ??
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    Dosing ewes after lambing options

    I’ve just started inside lambing 🙈 ewes were fluke doses with closantol based drench after scanning at new year. Ewes have been inside a month now give or take. Years ago we would lamb bit later well into March and ewes would get a wormer normally zermex drench before turnout with lambs . This...
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    Burning plastics for energy

    With all the plastics that are being dumped and piled up all over the place would it not be sensible to build a mass burner that can deal with anything and burn it and the smoke/gasses of it put through some sort of exhaust system to clean it and produce energy. With hopefully only small amount...
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    Should I still Bvd cows

    Should I still vaccinate cows or not ? Been closed herd for good few years now only buying bulls in from Bvd negative breeders , annually screen batch of calves, haven’t had it before . Suckler cows. Just think it’s a very expensive thing to do especially if not needed.
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    Water problem in dry weather

    Our other farm is supplied by 2 private water supply’s from tanks in field . Only one tank has the height to supply cattle sheds other one does house only ( nobody lives there) the tank supplying sheds can’t keep up with demands from cattle so currently filling ibc off other supply and putting...
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    Captive bolt /stun gun

    Where would u buy one ? Don’t think u need a license?
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    How to remove for 4610 fuel tank

    Benn having problems with fuel tank blocking up with crap, have tried flushing it out but think I need to remove it to wash out properly, how do I do this ? It’s an AP cab model and the tank sits almost under the bulkhead , does it come out forward or backwards through cab , looks tight either way?
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    Price of pet lambs

    Somebody I know has asked if I would sell the spare triplet lambs once born, they will attempt a twin on or bottle rear. How much is a pet lamb worth ? Used to always be a tenner or something but given the value in sheep nowadays possibly more ? I don’t know.
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    What’s in lamb sheep going to be worth

    As title says what do we think there going to be worth ? I’ve a few too many triplet ewes I might part with some again .
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    Milwaukee grease gun not right

    My electric grease gun is playing up, will pump out grease no problem if not on a nipple, put it in a nipple and still sounds like pumping away but nothing or very little coming out, tried various different nipples and used old hand pump gun and there working fine . It’s not air locked or...
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    Which of the two front mower

    Okay so narrowed my search down for a front mower conditioner to a new Kuhn or new mchale . Bearing in mind haven’t had or used a front before but needs to float well for my ground. Krone and Claas dealers can’t be arsed chasing up any kind of sale while Kuhn and mchale are keen. Kuhn is £1800...