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    Old 3 ton tipper

    Martin Markham trailers had these type of wheels, built in Lincolnshire
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    Massey 8s owners/drivers

    Have a drive or ride in a MF 8s and see for yourselves how nice /quiet and cool Temperature wise it is !! I was very impressed
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    Early Perkins Engines Development History

    Thanks for posting, Very interesting, Is there a part two please?
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    3 m Mcconnel shakeaerator

    try frank alviti on 01584 711544 or 07970 438768, probably have what you want
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    kuhn mds 1142 problem

    Help please lost drive to one of the spreading discs ! the drive looks all enclosed (running in oil) anyone had a problem ?
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    2021 Countryside Stewardship Payment

    They say money goes to money !! Meanwhile a needy case is still waiting !!
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    Mf 1200 on ebay whats it worth

    Whats a near mint original MF1200 parts manual worth? How about £25 posted??
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    445/65r22.5 tyres

    Has anyone got any 445/65r22.5 part worn trailer tyres for sale please?
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    John Deere Grammer air seats

    Hi looking for the operators / document Holder which fits on the back of the seat please?
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    2021 Countryside Stewardship Payment

    Oh sugar ( or something similar) Hope it arrives soon, I personally find it annoying as if we said the same to various Government agencies ,they would fine us or threaten court action
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    2021 Countryside Stewardship Payment

    Anyone still waiting for payment? Its a long time till the payment window ends in June !!
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    Putin timing is impeccable.

    Yes, you are correct, i personally think things would have been different if Mr Trump was still in the Whitehouse, as for Mr Johnson, party gate will soon be forgotten, This may be his Falklands moment, His chance to emulate his idol ,the Late Winston Churchill, For all his many...
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    4 furrow plough

    Got a very nice Dowdeswell DP7, 4+1 2002 14" plough,£2200
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    Massey 6290 stanadyne injector pump

    Great idea to put a standyne pump on a MF 6290, will make a good tractor even better,shame the accountants made them fit the Delphi pump !!
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    MF 575 Hydraulic Issues/Confusion

    Crumbs that's cheap ! any pictures of the spools please?
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    What's it called and where can I get one, MF bracket

    Richard keel lives near Worcester, Himbleton (from memory) ,, He writes a column most months in the Classic tractor magazine, cant be far from you, I have lost his number sorry, address is Saldons Farm ,Himbleton WR9 7LE
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    What's it called and where can I get one, MF bracket

    Evening, there was some on ebay a while back made good money, just keep looking ,or try Richard as posted by @76masseymanSorry i cant be more helpful
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    Polution in the river wye....proof that farmers are not to blame!

    Think he needs to look at the link to the Hereford Times First !! or speak to @texelburger
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    An easy tractor to rip apart and put back together

    Quiet please, you chaps are ruining my sale ! Lol
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    Polution in the river wye....proof that farmers are not to blame!

    Great, I think we need Channel 4 back to do another program exposing the facts? Any ideas how to contact them ?