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    Help in time of trouble.

    At the start of covid we casually said between a few of us if any 1 farm has covid really bad the rest will have to help, things wont be done right or as normal but silage can he thrown infront of animals for a week or 2 and stocked looked after. I ended up having covid but luckily was a quiet...
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    Spreading Protected urea before rain

    I'll let you know tomorrow but id be amazed if we are not well above that. Grass only stopped growing here for 8 weeks this winter. That link above shows ground temp at 7.3 and that would be a colder location to us
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    Spreading Protected urea before rain

    I can soon check temp. What temp would you suggest? I dont think tsum200 is that relevant. Daffs were out 2 weeks ago so cant be that cold!
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    Spreading Protected urea before rain

    Iv not checked to be honest but we would be warmer than most near the coast on red sandstone. And i was led to believe slow release protected urea was ok put on earlier?
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    Contracting Costs

    We dont use many but all contractors fill from our tank and nearly every farm for 30/40 miles that i know of unless its a very small farm and they bill fuel. They have no issue using a huge tractor with the pump turnt 3 times 😂 I really dont see how people can not trust a tractor to come to...
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    Spreading Protected urea before rain

    Be ok as long as it isn't washed into the irish channel. I think urea is pretty good for washing but best to check!
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    Spreading Protected urea before rain

    Cant bring myself to cut the big bags of cash
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    Spreading Protected urea before rain

    How much rain to wash in 46% protected urea (wheat) before its too much and maybe washed away?? Forecast is showing 5-10mm per day after tommorow for a few days. Ground quite dry with us, wont mark travelling.
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    Will Putin invade ?

    To be fair if you dont want to be there its genus. How else do you stop fighting in the middle of a warzone
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    Will Putin invade ?

    Puts stuff into perspective, its not that bad when the aircon stops working in the tractor.
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    Wots this nonsense now on trailers?

    In reference to the original post my richard western (2012) has a chassis prop in the center of the chassis, you have to lean right into the middle of the chassis to lift it and it sits under the floor not a cross member. Seems a terrible design on a otherwise good trailer. Did they change the...
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    Bomb proof tractor

    Someone will know better than me but i think so, theres not much similarities between and mx and a nh. Once you go mxm and later parts are interchangeable
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    Glue traps for rats and mice illegal shortly

    Id rather peanut butter in a trap than all the tyre rubber off shed concrete floors!....... woops maybe they will ban that now iv mentioned it!
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    Valuing a microfield

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    Bomb proof tractor

    The "bombproof" ones are making daft money. Personally id go newer for not much more money, just go basic spec, manual spools etc. Have owned a case mx and nh tm and both of them had more issues than our puma and t7 have had at the same hours. The upgrade in comfort is huge tho. I guarantee in...
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    130hp tractor costs

    Wouldnt disagree with the above but on the plus side these figures are based on writing the tractor off at 15yrs when in reality it will have a value. ...... to budget tho your probably right to do it as you have rather than guess it will be worth 40k and completely skew the figures. Edit. I...
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    Have you got kids at college?

    I went to Harper, was 15yrs ago now but even then I didnt sit in a tractor seat for even an hour other than when I did Pa1 and pa2 which was not part if my course but in my free time at the college. Thier reasoning was that i was doing a BSC degree and to warrant the qualification it had to be...
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    Chicken muck

    Have a friend whos had layers manure with no straw and had blackgrass in it. Presumed to have been in the chicken feed 🤷‍♂️ i wouldnt be worried about volunteer barley/wheat etc in it. Proper broiler litter is rocket fuel. 1t/ac a lot spread, vs maybe 10t/ac of straw based poultry muck
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    130hp tractor costs

    Part ex'in the tractor for new every 3 yrs and its always still worth what you paid so costs you nothing is the greatest invention machinery dealers have ever created. People tell me this then when I ask so have you paid finance payments every month for the last 20yrs and they say yes we have...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Any recent dap quotes? Need small bit luckily have some carry over but looking at micro fert for maize instead to trial a bit