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  1. Jason PaceWard

    Glorious Twelfth

    It's the start of the shooting season tomorrow. Will any of you be taking part or hosting a shoot?
  2. Jason PaceWard

    Warning to review farm insurance as rebuild costs soar Just been reading through this weeks Farmers Weekly and came across this article. If anyone has any questions or needs any advice on this I'm more than happy to help.
  3. Jason PaceWard

    Farm accidents claim four lives in three weeks

    I've just been reading the latest Farmers Weekly Magazine and saw the article 'Farm accidents claim four lives in three weeks' which I found quite shocking. I there a way to make farming safer? Or do you just accept the risks? I'd be interested in peoples thoughts....
  4. Jason PaceWard

    Which is the best Tractor?

    A client of mine is looking to purchase a new tractor, he's after the best all rounder. Can you provide any recommendations? Thanks in advance! Kate Evans Dip CII Commercial Account Executive Pace Ward Limited T 01782 286311 | M 07811 550078 W Happy with our Service? Please...
  5. Jason PaceWard

    Most Unusual Claims?

    What is the most unusual farming related claim that you have heard of or come across? I'd also appreciate your thoughts on claims experiences good and bad.
  6. Jason PaceWard

    Farming Shows 2021

    What is the likelihood of any Farming Shows next year? Any recommendations of the best one to attend?