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  1. Turnip

    Prepping for hedgerow planting, what herbicide to use to kill off existing grass and weeds?

    So we are looking to plant 200m of hedgerow this winter in one of our paddocks. As I only have a knapsack sprayer can people recommend a herbicide to use before hiring a rotovator to prep the ground? From what I can read about planting hedgerows the aim is to have a strip cleared of all growth...
  2. Turnip

    Recommend me a fabricator (Huntly / Aberdeenshire area)

    So I'm needing to mount a small winch on a plate to hook on my tractors tow pin. Unfortunately I don't have the metalwork equipment or skills (yet). Any suggestions on who in the Huntly Aberdeenshire area can help me? This is the winch I'm looking to work with.
  3. Turnip

    Anyone have experience with the Woodland Trust MOREhedges scheme?

    I'm thinking of getting natural borders for my fields and stumbled across the MOREhedges scheme from the Woodland Trust. Before I apply I wanted to see if there are people who have had experiences with...
  4. Turnip

    Removable spikes needed to weld onto forklift frame

    So I have a mast lifter for the back of my tractor with a set of fold up forks to lift and move pallets etc. I'm now thinking of getting sleeves added for a set of bale spikes to be put in as and when needed so I can also shift round and heston bales. But can't find sleeves and spikes online...
  5. Turnip

    Neighbours kid doing odd-jobs on Saturdays, what to pay them.

    So my neighbours girl is 12 (might be 13) and is looking for some things to do on Saturdays, she is more than welcome to help me sorting out odd-jobs around the farm but I'm wondering what I should offer her in pay? Any tips from the community would be appreciated as she is eager and I'd like to...
  6. Turnip

    Tine harrow from Agri fabs, any good?

    Looking to buy a tine harrow and these keep popping up: Anyone got experience with these style of harrows or the...
  7. Turnip

    Brake question for using a trailer on roads.

    So there are many threads on here about trailers and brakes, unfortunately it is not showing me the forest for the trees. So wanted to simply ask for this particular case in the UK. The Farma T6 has a gross weight of 6000kg and option of having one or...
  8. Turnip

    Thingamajig which turns cordless tools into corded tools, would you buy it?

    So I am helping someone get a degree and one task they have is come up with a product idea and write a business case around it. Question to the community here is would you buy this? His product is a device which has the same form factor as a battery for a cordless tool but enables it to be fed...
  9. Turnip

    Metal fabricators, give me a ballpark cost.

    I’m going to be looking for a 4t tipping trailer next year and was offered a chassis with cylinder. What would a ballpark figure be to build a flatbed with head and tailboard to go on this? Size would be 6’ x 8’ with 3’ headboard and tail. Sorry, no idea about metal fabrication so need to turn...
  10. Turnip

    Anyone familiar with Marshalls farm machinery in Kintore?

    Going to be in the market for a small trailer (4t) next year and they are fairly local and seem to have quite a bit of stock. Any experiences people can share as I don't know them.
  11. Turnip

    Tool envy

    So I've got my tools out in the garage as I am building a mounting block to get on our horses and the joiner working in our house decided to set up his mitre saw right next to mine. Tool envy hit.
  12. Turnip

    Cleaning a chain, what products to use???

    So with my tractor as a package deal came a 3 point pallet lifter which work s great except for this single thing: it has trouble lowering fully when there is little to no weight on the forks. My bulk standing on the forks and reaching into the cab to move the hydraulic lever usually helps. From...
  13. Turnip

    Recommend me an oil boiler for central heating only.

    As the thread title says I am looking for recommendations. Currently our central heating system of the house consists of an old oil boiler and a woodburner. Next year I need to replace the oil burner as it is on its last legs. Can you recommend me a good one as I have no experience with them. No...
  14. Turnip

    Filling IBCs on back of tractor with water. Anyone have experience with Ferroni pto pumps?

    I'm looking for a simple way of filling an IBC that is transported on my 3pt forklift. Found this Ferroni pump Have family in Europe so not that worried about importing into UK, so was...
  15. Turnip

    Recommend me a loader attachment for horse manure and shavings

    As the topic says I am going to need a front end loader attachment to move horse manure mixed with shavings. I'm thinking that the usual muck forks will just let everything drop through as there is little structure. Can you recommend an attachment as I'm not seeing the forest for the trees...
  16. Turnip

    Using an IBC for diesel tank.

    Saw this on ebay and first reacting was WTF? But then I thought why wouldn't you be able to use a double skinned IBC as a diesel tank. Any thoughts as to why this would or wouldn't be a good idea?
  17. Turnip

    Evolution magnetic drill

    Just spotted this one, any good?
  18. Turnip

    Recommendations for wireless magnetic trailer lights.

    Can anyone recommend some good wireless magnetic trailer lights? Just want to be able to clip my own lights to trailers instead of relying on others to ensure their trailer lights are up to scratch.
  19. Turnip

    Leaking shed roof (metal sheets)

    Looking for tips on who to contact to repair or potentially replace a metal sheet roof on a steel portal shed. There are several leaks in it so just looking at my options to get it sorted next year. location is Aberdeenshire, Huntly/Turriff/Insch area.
  20. Turnip

    Tractor at auction, what do you think its worth.

    Thinking of bidding on a tractor at auction...