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  1. glow worm

    Vine bbc 12 to 2 today

    I hope somebody more eloquent and with more time than me will respond to the bit he's going to do about farmers being being able to spread FYM again on the land. Pretty clear even in the intro more farmer bashing coming up with not 100% true facts.
  2. glow worm

    DEFRA survey .. attitudes towards future agricultural and land use strategies

    When it arrived today, I assumed it was the usual census, until I opened it! As a farmer, with a deep love for the land and stock that we have cared for over many years, with the world teetering on the brink of war, with other countries ie Germany, going to suspend some of the environmental...
  3. glow worm

    Stressed farmer wanting new swear word

    A rant! Pure and simple! Got to let off steam but I need a new vaguely polite swear word! been onto a firm for the 5th time over several weeks today to sort out the same problem. 30 minutes minimum wait time for each call listening to GASTLY music. Cut off 3 times after 20 minutes. Today been...
  4. glow worm

    How are farmers coping in Ukraine?

    apologies if this has already been covered in another thread, but in all the news coverage of the terrible, mindless war in Ukraine and the various pleas for financial or practical help, apart from one story of Russians invading a large farm and taking over, I have seen very little coverage of...
  5. glow worm

    solid fuel Rayburns

    Found out last week that the farmers friend, in a great many farmhouses, the solid fuel Rayburn, as from end December 2021, is no longer being made as they couldnt comply with government emmisions regulations. Its great as the glossy brochures everywhere wax lyrical about the benefits of...
  6. glow worm

    relief staff wages?

    I know its like asking 'how long is a piece of string' but what is the average that everyone is paying now for relief milkers? Per milking ... per hour .. per cow . per time of day... depending on responsibilities ..the options are endless but just want to get a feel of it.
  7. glow worm

    To mask up or not?

    With parts of Devon & Cornwall currently having the highest cases of Covid in the Country ( according to the BBC news) what does everyone think on whether or not mask wearing should continue to be encouraged? With nearly all our local shops / businesses still asking for people to wear masks...
  8. glow worm

    Please explain to a thick farmer

    All the worlds environmental woes are apparently caused by everyone eating too much meat, consuming too much dairy and cows farting too much. Somebody please explain to this thick farmer why during Covid lockdown the pollution levels were the lowest for years despite the fact that we were all...
  9. glow worm

    Where is the NFU etc?

    Radio 2, Good Morning Sunday. Was quite enjoying it whilst doing some outside work, in the rain! .. until .. they interviewed 2 environmental 'experts' who laid ALL the blame for the climate change on burning fossil fuels and particularly consumption of meat and beef production in factory...
  10. glow worm

    Life after cows

    When your world has revolved around cows for many years, when you have reared all the calves and built a beautiful pedigree herd virtually from scratch, when everything is arranged around time and milking etc, when non farming interests are zilch, when friends are non existent because you lead...
  11. glow worm

    Covid excuses

    As a farmer, can I use the excuses that various official departments use to me , on them? Go on, encourage me to refuse to answer the next inspector / official that rings us!! I am SO FED UP with firms .. the latest being the DVLA .. who' s answer message is . we're too busy, ring back late...
  12. glow worm

    Non farming conversation

    Anyone else lost the ability to have a 'normal' conversation in a non farming environment after a years lockdown in isolation, or is it just me?! Visit to Docs etc .. for the life of me, when asked the question, I can only think of pee, p*ss or sh*t ....... urine or faeces totally elude me...
  13. glow worm

    government farmer retirement incentive

    Apologies if there is already a thread open on this. Couldn't find it .. but then I'm a thick, ancient and creaky, over the hill, should be nowhere near any livestock or anywhere on a farm, farmer. Am I the only one who objects to the BBC slant in the news this am about the government farmer...
  14. glow worm

    Only rearing calves on dams or foster cows?

    Apparently joe public is complaining that it is not welfare friendly to manually off the dam.. rear calves off the dam and that they should be reared either on the dam or if that doesn't work, on a foster cow. Whats the groups opinion? I can only comment from a dairy farmer's point of...
  15. glow worm

    Swallows and summer migrants 2021

    Few things make the spirits soar after a long winter than the sighting of the 1st swallow of the year and our first one arrived here on 1st April. OH didn't believe me but he couldn't deny the two swooping around the house this afternoon. Chiffchaffs are also well and truly in but yet to hear...
  16. glow worm

    Filing of movement records etc

    Before I tell you why I'm asking, how long do you all keep all breeding, movement, calving etc records? I always thought it was 7 to 10 years?
  17. glow worm

    sheep worrying

    I have read lots of comments on another net about sheep worrying and many raised the same question, which I'll be honest, I had never thought about. Why is it called sheep 'worrying'? 'Worrying' is being irritated by flies etc not ripped to death or chased until you die or abort. A sheep is not...
  18. glow worm

    farm workshop heater

    What do you all use for heating .. when necesary .. a farm workshop please? Obviously contains nice selection of highly flamable items! OH dosnt like space heater due to smell / fumes when doors shut. Was going to try a gas heater but that looks like a bad idea! Electric appears to be only...
  19. glow worm

    Leveler for sand bedded cubicles

    I've seen a thread on here back in 2017 re levelers for sand cubicles but does anyone have more up to date info please? The ones I've seen look as though they have a static rake that drags through the uneven pits in the sand but some seem to make quite deep furrows, maybe digging up underlying...
  20. glow worm

    Starlings 2020

    Time to batten down the hatches. Shut all the Swallow access windows etc. Renew netting etc etc. Lay in supply of scaring rockets .. don't do a lot of good but do give a nice 'feel good' factor of 10 minutes of no Starling chatter. (try a starting pistol with the louder blanks. Now that IS good...