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    What to plant?

    Grazing turnips off some new ground at the minute, planted into burnt off permanent pasture, turnips came quite well with some grass coming through from seed bank which is keeping them dry! Lambs are cleaning it up well an leaving it like a billiard table, it’s potentially going to be turnips or...
  2. J

    Guess the sire

    Just for a bit of weekend entertainment!! An it’s a cross bred bull an yes the obvious, it is a blue cross! Anyone fancy a crack at it
  3. J

    Ewe with swollen head

    Found a texel cross ewe this morning with a swollen head, no injuries, not been stuck as far as I can tell, swollen up as if sometimes they do when bitten by a dog! It’s bothering her, shaking her head about an looking sick with it!!! Treated with pen-strep, any ideas???
  4. J

    Escape to the country with Kate humble

    Is anyone watching this sh1t, had the misfortune to turn it on just as three or four of them were running a calving cow round a field to try an get it in🙈!!! Next thing she’s walking around a field of freshly calved cows with a sheep dog wandering about, to be fair the cows didn’t take much...
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    Beef Shorthorn Bulls

    Two beef shorthorn bulls for sale due to change of circumstances, 4 and 6 years old, both roan in colour, easy calving nice bulls! Pm for price, pics available, based west mids
  6. J

    Carbon capture on grass land

    As carbon capture and foot print are the latest craze was going to incorporate this into a business plan/tender that I might be doing on a block of ground and this is something that would be on the tick list for the landlord! So if I started with four hundred acres of maize stubble that I was...
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    CODD and other sheep ailments that pee you off

    As stated by @livestock 1 any tips or remedies to help with the CODD symptoms? Had it bad in the ewes last back end and was a feckin nightmare at lambing! So frustrating when you can’t seem to cure it, formalin didn’t seem to help us at our place but that’s not to say it wouldn’t work somewhere...
  8. J

    Rampant ram

    Thought i’d put a bit of raddle on the rams this year to help see what’s happening so I changed the colour last night after a fortnight, lovely bright yellow it is!! Any way my neighbour, who I don’t have a very good relationship with rang this morning less than impressed that he’d got ten...
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    This farming life

    New series of this farming life starts tonight on BBC2 apparently!! Any new families on? Any of you new celebs hiding on here?🤫
  10. J

    Sheep dip design

    Thinking of putting in a dip in the yard so I’m not relying or waiting for contract dipper as they are always busy, also would be convenient to throw in new purchases as they land! Yard where it could go is all concrete with natural slope to where we would site it so not a lot of extra concrete...
  11. J

    Stabiliser bull?

    Got the chance of a stabiliser bull to put on some simx heifers, I’ve not seen any in the flesh, what are people’s thoughts on them? I haven’t got to have him it’s just a thought so what’s your experience of them, good/bad? Heard they aren’t the best sellers? Suppose to be easy calvers
  12. J

    Magic tap

    Has anyone got a magic tap that I can turn off to stop these fudgin ewes lambing!! 150 individual pens all full turned fifty out this morning came back in the shed an hour a half later an only 14 pens empty!!? been going flat out all week now!! Some fecker must of been an sponged the beggars...
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    BBC radio two abattoirs

    More snowflake anti meat dribble from the beeb!! On now
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    Wooden sheep hurdles

    Hi all thinking of getting some wooden hurdles because the metal ones are just too dear now, anyone recommend a firm that makes well made not gonna fall apart type? We are in south Staffordshire but they can be shipped anywhere no doubt, thanks in advance
  15. J

    Wire netting

    Anyone know where to get the round mesh wire sheep netting from? I did have some few years back but the place doesn’t sell it any more, they used to call it “traditional wire”!! Can’t seem to locate any where, do they still do it?
  16. J

    Weanling trade at shrewsbury

    Hell of a trade on weanlings at Shrewsbury yesterday, 4m old bucket reared blue £380, Blue hfr calves £100 in the calf ring, gotta be money in rearing a few of those??
  17. J

    Robbing Bxsxxxds

    Hi everyone new member, been reading for a while but had to join today s I can put this out there!! Just been to collect twenty five mule ewes an a Suffolk ram from some keep a mile from the farm and there is only twenty four an no ram!! Some thieving barstewards have been an helped themselves...