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  1. Jon

    Sencrop signal problems

    Anyone with these devices finding their data transfer is getting erratic ? My weather station can miss hours of signal sometimes.
  2. Jon

    Watson fuels

    Anyone else having problems getting through to this company ? Ordered Kerosene on 5th October, was told would be delivered by wednesday 20th of October. Then told due on 22nd and nothing yet. I am extremely low having just renewed the tank and wanted the minimum to transfer, and did explain...
  3. Jon

    Section 12, rent review 2021.

    We are due a second meeting with Landlords agents . Seem very chatty at the moment, which feels ominous. Anyone else in discussion with their Landlords regarding a section 12 served Sept 2020 ?
  4. Jon

    Excavator control valves.

    I am trying to change my hammer circuit from single acting to double acting. Can anyone explain to me how they work ? It's certainly not like an agricultural 'slice'. I am trying to find the other side from the current single acting circuit.
  5. Jon

    Thermal add-ons

    Anyone have any experience of these devices ? Am thinking along the lines of one, and switching between my .22 and .243.
  6. Jon

    Sencrop radar.

    Anyone else with sencrop apparatus have to zoom out to see the radar map ? Since the latest update I always have to zoom out to see any approaching storm, which is a pain, particularly if in a tractor trying to judge when it'll rain again !
  7. Jon

    Perfect Hitch

    Anyone know if spares can be sourced for these ?
  8. Jon


    Saw these at the Doe show. Marketed through Sparex, anyone have one? And thoughts on the product if you do.
  9. Jon

    Amazone UF

    Considering one of these with a front tank and would be interested to hear user experiences, but I have a couple of questions. First question , Unfortunately with a front tank I cannot have a quick fit frame, is there plenty of room for fitting, but more importantly, is there room for getting...
  10. Jon

    Kuhn Altis sprayer

    Looking around one at cereals, anyone got first hand experience of one. ?
  11. Jon

    ARAG controller

    Can anyone advise me from their own experience. I am wishing to use a trimble cfx system with RTK compatability, to control the spray rate and auto shut off at the headlands on my sprayer. Will the trimble kit just plug in somewhere on the ARAG unit to supply a GPS signal ? Or am I stuck with...
  12. Jon

    Kuhn Megant/Dutch openers

    Does anyone know if I can fit the double outlet type of Dutch opener on my Kuhn Megant drill ? I am not after direct drill pressure, just to spread my seed. (please excuse the pun).
  13. Jon

    Tenants/Landlord house decorating and repairs.

    Anyone else get landed with an invoice for decorating the outside of the farmhouse and outbuildings? Just a figure, no breakdown of work done. On quizzing the landlords agent, it seems we've even been charged for work that I have done to a chimney. Apparently this was an oversight on the...
  14. Jon

    Kverneland shock absorber bush's/bearings.

    Anyone know where I could source a pair ? The swivelling inserts that are in the ends of the ram are badly worn, and could really do with replacing, but Kverneland don't stock them as a separate spare part. They are roughly 20 mm internal diameter, 35 external, and 20 mm wide at the center.
  15. Jon

    Messy Triticale

    This is my first crop of Agostino Triticale, and it has these plants that are considerably taller than the majority across the whole field. Is this normal ?
  16. Jon

    Lighting up my JCB

    Loading wheat this morning in the dark and my ancient lights cause a shadow above the lip of the lorry trailer. What I think would be great is a pair of swivelling lights mounted at the end of the fixed part of the boom,(I'm using a JCB telescopic loader) that would illuminate more of the top...
  17. Jon

    Liking the App !

    App just updated, I think it's a huge improvement, with some nice additions.!
  18. Jon

    16 pin Connectors

    Could anyone tell me how to get plug off pins so that I can remove cable from cultivator frame. It's off a Stocks applicator.
  19. Jon

    Air brakes on forty foot trailer

    Hello, Converted my forty foot trailer to hydraulic cylinders years ago, but would now like to put it back on air as both my tractors have air. The old system plus brake chambers are still in place, the Chambers just hooked up out of the way. However I know nothing about the air system...
  20. Jon

    Six or five furrow plough

    I am looking to the plough to help against my black grass problem. I currently use a five furrow plough on medium to heavy loam, with 180 hp, set at fourteen inches. This ploughing that I'm planning to do will be post harvest, so ground conditions should be good, but time being at a premium...