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    Who are people getting the best rates off for steel currently? Usually use dyfeds but time to check my prices i think. Wont be bothering knapmans. NB tube, box, merchant bar and hot rolled plate. Located Devon. Any suggestions?
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    New hilux-any problems?

    Pondering ordering a new hilux 2.8 manual for delivery next year Now they have been around a couple years, has anyone had any problems with them? or any common issues i should know about? Also what MPG should i expect? Please dont suggest rangers, dmax etc as im really not interested. If i...
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    Bargain farm truck!

    Following on from the 100k defender thread, surely this is a bargain...
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    New JD 6M

    Has anyone any experience of the new 6M? Starting to look seriously at changing my loader tractor and the new slanty bonnet 6090M powerquad seems to fit the bill. Current tractor is a t6010 with q36 loader, plan would be to use the same loader jib on the new tractor. a t5 dual power would be the...
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    What baler?

    Always used a contractor but got a bigger tractor now, and fed up of shifting 120cm rounds all day, so looking for a baler to bale straw (bought off the field), hay and poss silage (light cuts or if i cant get silage contractor at the right time) Leaning towards a 120x90 baler but thinking i may...