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    Massey 6480 t3 just gone really aggressive and jerky on the shuttle and clutch at bottom

    Half way through bailing yesterday the shuttle has gone really aggressive even if you use the clutch makes no real difference. Any ideas? I'm thinking clutch packs? Also won't calibrate by holding shuttle above foreward and diff lock button just comes up CP on rh dash screen.
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    Cubicle house with tank over mining

    Has anyone ever done this or know the rules/ regulations wether you can site a cubicle house ideally with a tank underneath over mining? The mining is 7.some m deep (found by drilling) A separate location for the tank would have to be 200m near an existing gateway for access and still need...
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    Liberator on emerging spring barley

    We have some barley just emerging and I wanted to pre em it but didn't get to it for many reasons. Will it do a lot of damage 0.3l/ha Thanks
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    Massey 6480 brake master cylinder leaking

    I was out power harrowing today and noticed the cab full of oil, it's coming from the left hand brake master cylinder through the rubber cover. I have read that you need to replace pressure vessel or something aswell? Where is best to buy all the parts and what's involved, Massey want £650...
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    Looking for a NH cx740/760

    Does anyone know of a 5 walker new holland combine for sale? CX 720/740/760/780 Thanks
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    Massey 36/7256 combine wanted

    Anyone know of a later 36 or earlier 7256 combine for sale? Had an older 36 go up in smoke this year and struggling to find a replacement, only seen 6 walker machines for sale, which I may well end up with.
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    Welding mask

    What's best value for money helmet, auto dark. We've had a few that seam to glare bad from lights above, feel like they need a cloth on them to stop this? Or any particular makes that are better than others/ tips to stop this?
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    Gravity / conveyor rolled for bandsaw

    Where is best to buy some good gravity rollers. Bandsaw can cut upto 600mm width so ideally want that width, Currently have 2 3m 300mm tables but there not really big enough when doing long steels. Possibly want a few single rollers for propping extra long work, even plan a 5ft gap for...
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    Anyone know anything about the mf7718 at Adam Hewitt's?

    It says it has a hole in the sump but what's caused it? Herd of 4wd shaft coming off? Has it been run with no oil? I'm interested but thought it would go silly so haven't been to look at it, nor do I have an account set up. Why has it been written off? Could put a new engine in easy enough?
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    Where to get used milling machine or radial arm drill

    I'm fancying a radial arm drill for over the gravity rollers after the bandsaw. But then I thought is there a milling machine where the head moves rather than the table? Because a milling machine would be very handy. An older well built machine definitely preferable to a new machine made of...
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    How much to move 3 phase meters

    How much will it cost to have the farms electric supply moved? Basically they are located in a stone barn destined for conversion, the new buildings are 45m from the old. 20m from main towards old building, 25m from this point to new buildings or 5m from the main in a different place. Or would...
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    Massey 6265 won't go foreword or back

    I think my clutch switch has gone but which one? It just flashes red and green on dash and won't go foreward or back the first time it beeped loudly and put the orange warning light up.
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    What to jab for lameness with short meat withdrawal

    I normally use pharmasin but I have a couple of cattle wanting to go but they'd benefit from a jab but I don't want the full 28 days, can't get them away before Xmas. Had foot trimmer look at them when he was here last week.
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    Anyone at the farm sale today? Shp valuers for Garton and son

    Is anyone there? Cheers
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    New valley gutter

    Has anyone got a really good way of doing a Valley gutter or is it just best the stay away. I'm not too keen on the wide steel ones I have seen, agree easy to clean Weir at end etc but they rust quick enough. I have 6" storm flow plastic on buildings and like it, 4" down pipes set gutter at a...
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    Any ideas on a grain store/mixing shed

    I'm toying with ideas for a grain shed Max 300ton grain (I could extend she'd if something altered) Store protein, rolled barley and mill(PTO roller mill) Possibly mollases. I'm thinking I could either use the kongskilde blower to load mill or loader from grain store, would box in the "rolled"...
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    Wanted Massey 36 or similar combine

    Unfortunately ours went up in smoke so I'm looking to replace it with something similar. I would like to stick 5 walker as it's just big enough when moving around. A 34 wouldn't be a problem but I would like a contouring header. Ours was a 36 rs autolevel. I'm not against NH or class asloing...
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    Best time to spray grazing for ragwort and other weeds

    I'm debating spraying on this last rotation of the grazing, or am I best waiting untill spring, but will it knock the established grass like it does a reseed. One particular ragwort field will be ploughed and reseed next back end.
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    Setting up Massey autolevel 36rs

    Just setting our combine up, blew the lift pipe for header So haven't had it running in these pics and header Is dropped to the deck. How do I set all the head height and combine, more the header, I wasn't getting voltage difference when I let the potentiometers up and down. New to us this year.
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    New combine knife

    Where am I best finding an 18ft knife for mf36. I'm debating drilling a new one, already bought new sections for ours before realising it's not worth it! How much are they?