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    Huntaway pups

    Anyone know of any good litters for sale?
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    Worcester Aberdeen Angus sale 3rd April.

    I know they aren't everybody's cup of tea on here (naming no names) but is anyone going this Saturday? We have 2 bulls entered and I'm sure there will be a lot of good cattle there.
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    Does anyone know how much a pharmweigh 3 way manual drafting crate with electronic scales and weigh head would cost new? There is one in a farm sale but I can't find prices online to compare. Thanks.
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    Rape, Ryegrass and turnips. Ewe fertility?

    I've got a field of rape, ryegrass and turnips that I'm currently trying to fatten lambs on. If I was to cash the lambs in as stores would I be able to put ewes on it before they went to ram or would the rape affect their fertility? Or how long after tupping could I run the ewes across it to...
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    Best hill cows?

    We currently run 50 Highland breeding cows on high (for Exmoor) heather hill ground and we are looking to change them to either Belted Galloways or Luings. The cows would run on the hill all year round with about 1.5kg per head of cattle rolls a day during the winter months being the only...
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    Performance recorded, grass fed NC Cheviot rams

    Where is the best place to find North Country Cheviot rams that are grass fed only and performance recorded? Can anyone recommend the best breeders to talk to? Also are North Country hill and Lairg cheviots the same thing? Thanks.
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    Crystalyx high energy buckets

    We start lambing on April 10th. We had Crystalyx high energy buckets out pre and post tupping. How close to lambing would be the best time to reintroduce them, firstly for the ultimate benefit to the ewe and secondly to be cost effective? Would putting them out now be a waste of money? They are...
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    New Zealand Suffolk mule ewe lambs for sale

    137 New Zealand Suffolk cross Scotch mule ewe lambs, out of Easyram Suffolk rams. Easy lambing, fast growing lambs from 1000+ feet above sea level on Exmoor. From a closed flock. Had both Ovivac P injections. £85 each. 01643862524 or 07557363210