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  1. Andy26

    Stocks Fan Jet, calibration tray, Max

    Without the correct calibration chute was struggling to find a bag or similar to catch all the seed for calibrating the Fan Jet. So tried this and worked well, so just sharing the idea. For the RT police, it's AB9 stewardship untreated seed.
  2. Andy26

    Trimble CFX 750 EZ Pilot Remote engage switch

    I'm going to use a spare Sonalert cable that has 12 pin Deutcsh DTM connector on one end, then will use pins 8 and 11 for the remote switch. I want an armrest mounted switch, I understand I need a momentary switch, anyone any clues as to exactly which one I need? I'd like a button ideally!
  3. Andy26

    Inatreq 10 Nroso points

    Just a heads up there are 10 Nroso points available from the Inatreq learning centre, just completed it, very informative and well presented, so well done Corteva! Didn't know Jurgen Klopp had a second job! ;)
  4. Andy26

    AB15 Seed, Legume mix

    AB15 (2021 year compliant) from Boston seeds as per: Order and delivered Sept 2021, to potentially redrill a field, but not needed in the end. £80 per 20Kg bag. 15...
  5. Andy26

    AB12: Supplementary winter feeding for farmland birds, cost versus payment

    Got to start feeding out AB12 once a week from tomorrow, had to order in a complete mix (bit of a faux pas not holding a few tonnes back wheat back), had a range of quotes from £450-700/t. Settled for £480/t delivered. The Mid tier AB12 payment is £632/tonnes, so from my £480/t that leaves...
  6. Andy26

    Rutland Roman Villa

    The recently found Rutland Roman Villa, was featured heavily in the news yesterday, the mosaic looks an amazing find. I see it was made a Scheduled Monument (SM) this week, which got me thinking how its great to find historic sites but then as a landowner you can have your ability to use the...
  7. Andy26

    Spelt buyers

    Are there any other buyers of Spelt (as harvested, not dehulled) other than Craggs in Durham, asking for a smallholder neighbour who has approx 18m3 which I guess is around 7 tons.
  8. Andy26

    Still waiting for WW seed?

    Are many others still waiting for seed? Skyfall, ordered months ago.
  9. Andy26

    Evans and Pearce Broadcaster, slug Pellets, Grass seed, cover crops

    Evans and Pearce Broadcaster. 85 litre hopper In cab control box 3 point linkage frame Operators manual with calibration charts £225+Vat
  10. Andy26

    3m McConnel Shakerator

    3m McConnel Shakerator, 5 or 7 leg. Please PM if you have one for sale. 🙂
  11. Andy26

    Axial Flow 2166/2188 Clean grain elevator drive

    Just changed the clean grain elevator drive chain on our 2166, there are two sprockets it can go on at its lowest point, it appears to of always been on the smaller of the two and this means the chain doesn't quite run straight causing it to rub on the tensioners bar. Is this setup correct? @tw15
  12. Andy26

    3m Short discs

    Looking for a 3m short disc eg. Vaderstad Carrier, Horsch Joker, Amazone Catros etc. Please PM if you have one to sell. :)
  13. Andy26

    Kuhn Venta drill parts: Fan, coulters, landwheel, third row of coulters etc.

    Kuhn Venta LC Drill parts: Kuhn Fan: £100+Vat Land wheel complete with gear box etc. £150+Vat 11 short coulters complete £125+Vat 11 Long coulters, complete £125+Vat 4m Coulter Bar £75+Vat Drill stands £100+Vat
  14. Andy26

    Claas Arion linkage error.

    I've a Class Arion 640, that the linkage initially all works as it should but after a while it locks up and won't move. The warning triangle flashes the error code: 1-2 There are no error codes on the Cebis screen. If you stop and restart the tractor it works for a few minutes then locks up...
  15. Andy26

    APV PS200/300 or Stocks Turbo Jet seeder

    APV PS200/300 or Stocks Turbo Jet seeder to fit 3m cultivator. Please PM if you have one for sale.
  16. Andy26

    Skips for Farm recycling, waste codes?

    If you get a skip in for Fert bags, Agchem containers etc., do you need a particular SIC code or is just a general skip ok? As the skip company will sort and recycle anyhow back at the depot, so by using a licensed company you're recycling by default.
  17. Andy26

    Kuhn Venta LC Drill Fan

    Kuhn Venta LC drill fan, as pictured with brackets. £150+Vat
  18. Andy26

    Kuhn power harrow PTO shaft

    Kuhn power harrow PTO shaft was to short to fit my tractor, as removed from Kuhn Combi, the compressed length is 690mm from end to end as pictured. £100+Vat, delivered.
  19. Andy26


    Cat 2/2 Hydraulic top link, in as new condition, spec as below: £150+Vat delivered. HYDRAULIC TOP LINK KIT (CAT. 2/2) WITH BALL/ BALL ENDS Part No. 80638 Product Details Supplied with 900mm Length Hoses with 1/2" Fittings & Release Chain. Suitable for Tractors up to approx. 135 HP. Bore ...
  20. Andy26

    650/65R38 Tyres

    As per title, I'm looking for a pair 650/65R38 only need 10% tread or better.