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    NAW buy farm!
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    Cricket StThomas Somerset Brie

    Mrs Vantage bought some, it is absolutely fantastically lovely! Any suppliers should be extremely proud of the product!:)
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    Parlour pit matting

    I’ve had matting in the pit a few years, it’s made a big difference to comfort and foot ache, but has never lasted. Being dubious initially of the benefits I bought some cheap tiles off eBay, initially good, then went flat and lifted. Replaced again, about a year, same thing. Put some rubber...
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    Sewage works Does anyone on here send there agricultural waste to a sewage works? Just wondering as the BBC managed to include agriculture in the photo of a sewage works.
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    Another farm diversification problem.
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    Genomic testing / Genus ABS

    Good thing, or a worrying development?
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    The Carbon Offset Consortium and farmland purchase.

    Apparently a consortium of large businesses have and are buying up farms, to plant up with trees and claim carbon credits for their businesses. Here in Wales , 18 farms in mid Wales and 10 in Carmarthenshire have been sold. As this happens rural areas will depopulate, here in Wales the language...
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    World milk day, TODAY!

    As above.
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    NH Autocommand, rocking!

    I have a T6/160, a few days ago when you stop motion it rocks back and forwards. I’ve recalibrated the transmission but still does it. Anybody else had similar and an answer?
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    Wales NVZ, stocking rate at 170kg/ha N.

    With the new proposed NVZ giving a total average N of 170kg/ha how is is goi to impact your business. It doesn’t look very good at the moment, with a need here to find more than double the existing land base.
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    Calf poly tunnel

    Has anyone experience of rearing calves from baby calves upwards in a poly tunnel? Needing accomodation for this Spring’s calves.
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    Hydraulic drive for Teagle tomahawk

    Anybody converted a tomahawk to hydraulic drive for use on the front of a loader? I’d like to bed up cubicles that are inaccessible for a large tractor but my Weidemann 5080t fits alright.
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    Milk bulling?

    I had a Jersey Xbred bulling a couple of days ago. She was AI’d and then the following evening was down in the shed with a classic S bend to her neck. Gave her a bottle of Calcium subcutaneously and she scrambled into a cubicle where I tied her in. Next morning she had escaped the cubicle and...
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    Space heater size and type.

    I need frost protection in our new milk tank room and pump house/store. Size is 6mx6mx18m so 648m2. Concrete walls and floor to 2.4m, steel side sheeting on three sides, space boarding on other wall to the parlour, fibre cement roof. An on line calculator says I need 75k BTU. Is this enough...
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    Bravo, Phil Latham !

    What an excellent article. After TB testing again today and losing more young cows I wish the WAG veterinary department read this article and did something proactive for once.
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    Bryan Adams

    Yes, the man is a songwriter, singer god. ”Summer of ‘69” was an anthem for me back in the day. He’s a pretty fine photographer too, but oh my Lord, what a load of drivel he came out with yesterday. Apparently going vegan will prevent the next pandemic! No I didn’t make it up!
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    Where did the “ Milk price tracker” thread go?

    As titled, my IPad has lost it.
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    Royal Welsh winter fair.

    Just seen on the tellybox that Boris Johnson was there. One of my milkers went, anybody else?
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    DeLaval feed mangers.

    I want to extend my parlour, by four cows a side. The pipeline,pit and rump rail have been there since I first installed it, but I need mangers and wondered whether anyone here knows of any available for sale. They are the stainless steel bowl type , 760mm centres in a 50 degree parlour.
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    New 3 phase meter

    Has anybody been able to get a meter installed without a contract from the big six energy suppliers? We have put in a 3 phase ,69 A supply and need a meter and have had a favourable supply quote from Octopus energy but they cannot supply a meter , all meters seem to come with a contract which is...