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  1. Mark Hatton

    Moonboot on R2 no more livestock or farming!

    I may be mistaken, but he only seems to have appeared on the speakers list very recently, interestingly he doesn't seem to have mentored it on his social media yet.
  2. Mark Hatton

    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    Out of of curiosity anyone got any current pictures of the infamous stretch of water and the surrounding banks?
  3. Mark Hatton

    ScotGrass 2022

    Got to say that was possibly one of the best Demo days I’ve attended, loads of kit, the weather improved throughout the day and massively well supported by both suppliers and visitors, highly recommende.
  4. Mark Hatton

    ScotGrass 2022

    Drying well at ScotGrass this morning…
  5. Mark Hatton

    Steel price

    Some interesting conversations with manufacturers at Lamma last week, If you thought buying diesel was a nightmare, try being a trailer manufacturer. Steel prices only valid on a daily basis and supply of pretty much all other components impossible to predict delivery on.
  6. Mark Hatton

    Alan bancroft sale

    MF1250 £70,000 absolutely bonkers money!
  7. Mark Hatton

    Alan bancroft sale

    MF 188 with a loader just made 20K!!!
  8. Mark Hatton

    Alan bancroft sale

    Tractor prices 🤯
  9. Mark Hatton

    Alan bancroft sale

    I should think he is at these prices!!!
  10. Mark Hatton

    Alan bancroft sale

    Some crazy prices, MF 60 finger bar mower just went for £1400!!
  11. Mark Hatton

    Elections 22

    It always has been, every government change means they want to undo, make a bigger statement than the previous one, prove to the voters that they can make good their campaign promises, Boris won't want to be PM at the next election, just take the environmental commitments they made for 2030, we...
  12. Mark Hatton

    New Fastrac Cab

    Cab and armrest certainly seem to have moved forward from last generation add the YouTube link for the none FB members!
  13. Mark Hatton

    Is Defra reckless and short sighted cutting Farm BPS payments and replacing with lower production environmental whilst the third world starve?

    Just watched a piece on BBC news channel about the effects of COVID lockdowns in China, they are suggesting that the situation in Ukraine in relation to world food production will be a drop in the ocean compared to the very real possibility that China’s food production is being decimated by its...
  14. Mark Hatton

    Rwanda, air miles and British benevolence

    Folks, wind it in a bit please, getting a bit personal some of this.
  15. Mark Hatton

    Hutchinsons Direct Driller Demo

    And there in lies the conundrum!! Collectively we all have a slightly different view on the same subject, I agree with the wtfdik, I know nowt!
  16. Mark Hatton

    Hutchinsons Direct Driller Demo

    Sprayed off I guess, interesting viewpoint and one which I’m of a similar opinion, if it disturbs the soil, it’s min till, direct drilling for me is non disturbance, others would argue they are drilling into the stubble and it’s direct drilling, everyone seems to have a slightly different view...
  17. Mark Hatton

    Hutchinsons Direct Driller Demo

    Added the YouTube link
  18. Mark Hatton

    Hutchinsons Direct Driller Demo

  19. Mark Hatton

    Hutchinson Direct Drilling Demo East Yorkshire

    Video from the day in the link below
  20. Mark Hatton

    Tff annual weekend convention?

    Sounds like a great idea!!!