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  1. Andrew K

    SuDS assessment for new building drainage?

    Just wondered if anyone has done this for a new farm building recently, either themselves or has employed a specialist to do so on their behalf? It looks like a box ticking demand from the local council to me,but build cannot start until approval is granted apparently?
  2. Andrew K

    How to spread topsoil

    After a few building projects we have accumulated a fair pile of topsoil,which I would ideally like to spread back on the adjacent field after harvest. Has anyone used a vertical beater muckspreader to do this,or are flying stones a risk too far? I have thought about using a dump trailer and a...
  3. Andrew K

    Rollershutter door maintenance,servicing and inspection

    Does anyone have a recommendation for the above? We have around ten doors or more that need checking over properly, some in industrial units,others in farm buildings. Thanks. Andrew
  4. Andrew K

    New Defender spec

    What do people think of fitting a middle front row seat to a 90 Commercial, or should you just put an old sofa in the back instead[joke] Do those that have one actually make use of it? TIA.
  5. Andrew K

    Tyres for KV Tineseeder type drill

    Have a pair of new and unused Trelleborg tyres for the outside wings on a Kverneland TS or EVO type drill. Size is 20X8X10, tread is T539 pattern .They are tubeless 6 ply rated. Price £100 each plus VAT and postage if required.Would split if anyone wants a single tyre as a spare, just in...
  6. Andrew K

    Screeding or something else?

    Have a relatively old but serviceable building with a cracked, slightly unlevel concrete floor. The shed has B1/B8 industrial permission and i would like to tidy up the floor to withstand light industrial use for a good few years. The floor does not justify digging up and reconcreting, but would...
  7. Andrew K

    Best tine drills for cover crops?

    Our current TS EVO drill is good at most things except heavy trash and DD really. I would like to have the opportunity to DD when appropriate, with the ability to handle cover crops as well. What sort of tine machine is suited to heavy ground, drilling rape , borage ,barley wheat, beans and...
  8. Andrew K

    Isuzu D Max headlights

    Anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the headlights/bulbs on a 13 plate D Max? Mine are ok on main beam but very poor light on dipped beam to the point of being dangerous.Thanks for any advice.
  9. Andrew K

    12m folding rolls wanted in nice condition

    As above, any make considered. Thanks,Andrew.
  10. Andrew K

    Case top link

    Looking for the enclosed ball type top link screw in fitting for a Case Puma CVX240 as originally made by CBM, for machinery end of top link. Wish to replace original claw type supplied as standard.
  11. Andrew K

    Roller shutter door

    Wanted new 7.5m high, 5m wide roller shutter with hd laths, windlocks, 3 PH drive, brush seals and bottom rubber seal c/w up/down controls and fitting please. West Essex area.
  12. Andrew K

    Best toolbox type front weight for tractors

    Have been asked this by a friend.My reply was that the Watkins design was as good as any,but what else should be considered? Looking at 1200kg with toolbox incorporated into the design.
  13. Andrew K

    RTK Farming

    Anyone using either their new RTK Modem based system or a base station signal. Do you find the accuracy, reliability and backup to a good standard?Looking for something a bit better than Rangepoint ideally.
  14. Andrew K

    30M Reel of high elasticity 2" black sprayer pipe

    Need pipe for your bowser/ sprayer set up? This high flex option last longer and resists splitting far better than Kanaflex hose. Priced at £150 plus VAT for a 30m reel. As used by many growers on here. Tel 07850 871173
  15. Andrew K

    Liquid fert mixing/transfer pump

    One Pacer 3" centrifugal mixing pump c/w coupled 415V 3 phase electric drive motor in unused condition.3" BSP ports, full years warranty. Flow rate 880 Litres per minute, ideal for mixing fertilisers or as a static transfer pump. RRP is £698 plus VAT, our offer price is £598 plus VAT ...
  16. Andrew K

    Gale breaker or Covertec door sheeting?

    In the process of putting up a 5 bay open front building principally for grain drying , but also with one end bay for a sprayer washdown area. Was thinking it would be good to have some if not all bays enclosed at the front using the netting type of door sheet above.Due to large bay height and...
  17. Andrew K

    Laureate Seed

    Wanted four tons certified C2 Laureate spring barley seed with SPD dressing in ton bags ideally. Delivered to west Essex.
  18. Andrew K

    Fitting Avadex spreader to rolls.

    This winter i hope to fit a recently purchased APV PS 300 seeder to our FarmForce 8m rolls with the intention of using it to apply Avadex granules or maybe slug pellets whilst we are rolling. Has any one done similar, and have any tips please? The fan is hydraulically driven and I anticipate...
  19. Andrew K

    Enduramaxx fertiliser tank

    One remaining in stock at old price. New 30,000 litre Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tank, ten year warranty, inspection hatch ,lifting lugs and natural [ see through] finish. Priced at £3595 plus VAT. Includes free delivery to UK mainland. Similar to version pictured below.
  20. Andrew K

    Water: Enduramaxx - Enduratank

    Water: Enduramaxx - Enduratank Category: Water Manufacturer: Enduramaxx Price: £3595 Condition: New Description: Enduramaxx Tanks, Bargain priced 30,000 litre fertiliser tank at last years price .Also special offer on 5000 litre water storage tank Images: See the full size images...