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  1. tr250

    When is it best to destruct permanent pasture when drilling oat/pea

    Just doing a field for whole crop it’s permanent grass at the moment I’m going to drill with Weaving gd would you spray glyphosate before drilling or after pre em? I’m not too worried about the peas but a little worried about the oats being affected by dying grass
  2. tr250

    Farmers Guardian classic picture this week

    Does anyone know the descendents of these two brothers or John Barton who sent in the picture. My Dad would like to get in touch to find out more about them as he remembers their parents staying here when he was a child in the 1950s as they were relatives of my grandfather.
  3. tr250

    Lambing pens per hundred sheep

    Been talking to someone today that couldn’t believe how little individual pens we have we have 12.7 pens per 100 ewes what do others have. This is for feb lambing mule/texel x ewes
  4. tr250

    Does water running on top worry you?

    Does water running along the surface worry you? Pic below is in a place of the field that I would of said was dry under cultivation and I’ve no worries about being able to drill it in a few weeks time but just hate seeing it! That part of the field hasn’t got a modern drainage scheme installed...
  5. tr250

    Sub soiler on front links

    I’m thinking of making a twin leg Subsoiler to go on the front linkage of the drilling tractor with low distance legs to go in front of the wheels idea being that we can put it down when on a rutted tramline or in the gateway etc then the tractor wheels will level it down again but water won’t...
  6. tr250

    Ideas to make muck trailer easier to wash

    Any ideas what I could spray on a silage trailer to protect and make washing easier after it’s been used for muck carting for a week? I said silage trailer because I think red tractor wants different trailers to be used for grain
  7. tr250

    Can I spread fym on grass?

    Can I spread fym on grass ley now? It won’t travel but assuming it would is it classed as high nitrogen I’m a bit confused with the new rules.
  8. tr250

    Is there anybody members of bvd free england

    Just seem bvd free england. Not been aware of it before is it worth joining how much does it cost? We were going to tag and test all calves this year anyway. we are reasonably sure we are bvd free but as we’ve been vaccinated for 10 years and tag and tested the youngest of each cow family in...
  9. tr250

    Techneat 12m avadex applicator. How much is it worth?

    We have a Techneat 12m avadex spreader tractor mounted (2014) model that we bought halves with our neighbor but he now has an applicator on the back of his drill and doesn’t need to use of it any more so we are going to buy his half any ideas how what a fair price would be?
  10. tr250

    Mig welder power supply

    I’ve just bought myself a mig welder having never had one before I’ve bought an Rtech 250 amp single phase machine and running it off a 16amp blue socket my trouble is it keeps tripping out if I turn it up much more than half or weld for prolonged periods I’ve been trying to do continuous welds...
  11. tr250

    What timber for sheep feed trough?

    I’m planning on making some sheep feeders I want to make the timbers of of similar stuff that goes on the skirting of cattle feed fence so I know the size but what type of wood should I ask the timber merchants for I want something that will last and won’t shrink too much to let meal out
  12. tr250

    Sheep feed barriers for sale to fit 20ft bays

    Bateman sheep feed barriers 3 with internal gates 3 without. Pins ans brackets included. £350 per panel
  13. tr250

    Claas Arion 530 or MF 6s145

    We are looking at a new tractor this year it is an extra as our cropping these days means one tractor has to sit on row crops for the majority of harvest. It’s main jobs will be haulage of cattle, grain/silage/straw carting, rolling, mowing, avadex/fert spreading and relief feeder wagon tractor...
  14. tr250

    How much are these feed fence panels worth?

    How much should I advertise these sheep feed barriers for I’m guessing new ones are fairly expensive. They fit 20ft bays
  15. tr250

    What to charge for hire of power harrow

    Neighbor hired a power harrow off us a while back for a few days. How much is acceptable to charge not looking to get rich just enough to cover wear and tare tines etc
  16. tr250

    How many kg of hay will a 16 hand horse eat a day if fed ad lib

    Wife has got herself a horse again now after a few years but it’s all a bit new to me we only have a few bales of silage and we don’t feed anything else on bales till the clamps are empty so I’ve got to buy a few bales of hay off a neighbor I want enough to last 180 days would 15kg/day be enough...
  17. tr250

    Valtra N series tractor

    has anyone got one? Really like the look of them in the cab but not seen one in the flesh we are looking for an extra tractor to take the strain off a tractor with 12000 hrs but keep the old one as a spare. Jobs would be grain/silage cart, rolling, mowing, spraying with big mounted sprayer, fert...
  18. tr250

    Rispoval 4 price

    Just wondered what everyone else is paying for rispoval 4 as it seems to have gone up a fair bit lately
  19. tr250

    Nissan navara D22 pickup engine

    We’ve got an old Nissan pickup that the engine has blown up on. I know it’s 18 years old and only been a matter of time before it went and it’s out lasted most by about 10 years but does anyone know of a complete engine or something that fits? It seems a shame to scrap it
  20. tr250

    New stocks slug pelleter?

    I’m looking at buying a new slug pelleter to replace our 25 year old one and don’t know whether to have a gravity feed or metered feed. What are peoples opinions I want it to go on quadbike when it gets very wet and on the rolls that are 8m. Our tramlines are 28 m so I understand that I won’t be...