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  1. Ceri

    Injectable wormer qure for lambs with Gid..?

    Any1 done this or anything else to right lambs with Gid.....? Had 10-15 go down with it & it's going to be a while before they're fit to go to slaughter..... They're fine atm but not right if u know wat I mean. Vets confirmed it Friday. We worm our dogs frequently but guessing it's come from...
  2. Ceri

    Spectam Scour hault what we going to do....

    So as your probably all aware they've stopped making spectam. We used it only as a TREATMENT for watery mouth as & when needed. I'm slightly worried what we're going to use instead when we have the odd lamb with wet mouth.. yes we make sure they all have colostrum, lime & clean the lambing pens...
  3. Ceri

    Grease nipples won't take grease.....

    Morning all... I have a Collins 10T tipping trailer & the pivot pins on each axel have a grease nipple but guess wat they won't take grease......!! Taken them out & put new nipples in but still no luck.... So without taking the whole pin out any special tricks to get the grease in...
  4. Ceri

    Anybody any experience with this....?

  5. Ceri

    Forward speed display on John Deere 6830

    Hi all.. Just bought a 6830 but I can't see any mph/kpm on the command centre display to know how fast I'm going.....? How do I get this up...?
  6. Ceri

    Any1 know what this means..?

  7. Ceri

    BT underground phone cable, who's responsible.......?

    Looking for people's thoughts..... Going to erect a new fence & there's an underground phone cable that supplies 3 properties that basically follows the fence line all the way for 250ish mtrs.. I'm very confident we're going to end up going through the dam thing when we knock the piles/posts in...
  8. Ceri

    John Deere 6930 premium & standard. What's the difference..?

    Hi all obviously u have no command centre on a standard but is the difference a smaller/lighter back end...? Any other differences...?
  9. Ceri

    Crickley Hill Tractors, Gloucestershire.

    Hi all any one had dealings with these guys they have a second hand tractor I may be interested in. They tidy people or stay well away.....?
  10. Ceri

    Feeding round Bales Silage how soon

    Hi all baled some reseed as round bale silage jus over a week ago... Is it safe to feed to some store cattle....?
  11. Ceri

    Afm Tractors Telford

    Hi all has anyone had any dealings with Afm Tractors Telford...? Its an independent second hand tractor sales business run by Adrian Maddox. He has a tractor I may be interested in but have absolutely no previous with him nor do I know anyone who has. I was looking for recommendations, be it...
  12. Ceri

    JD 6620 wats her worth people...?

    So then guys I gotta John Deere 6620 on a 51 plate (2001) showing bang on 10,000 hrs. Power quad standard axle immaculate condition. Serviced every 500 hrs everything works as it should. Front linkage, tyres 90% front & back. I want to change it and imagine the dealers gonna offer me...
  13. Ceri

    Weeds in a ressed wat can I do.....??

    Hi all looking for some help... Put some grass seeds in about a month ago, coming up well but so are the weeds..... Spoken to my agronomist & he says there's no sprays on the market now that won't harm the clover... So I'm stuffed. Any ideas....?
  14. Ceri

    John deere 5125R. What's the verdict on this model?

    Hi all.... thinking of buying a 5125r with a standard 16/16 gearbox, complete with front end loader to replace a very tired 6230. Anyone got any opinions on this model and my major question is how reliable are they......? I wouldn't wanna spend a few ££££ and have a tractor that keeps breaking...