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  1. MGS6930

    Flies - Cow spraying gates

    Came across this system on a Facebook page a few months ago and wondered if there was any systems similar in Britain and what sprays they were applying.
  2. MGS6930

    Front PTO

    Currently got a front linkage on a 30 series JD, but we're wanting to retrofit a front PTO to carry the front mower. Anyone had any clever ways of doing it, our dealer is suggesting a combination linkage and selling the existing linkage on, which seems expensive !.
  3. MGS6930

    Mchale Rake

    Stolen off Facebook, apparently it's a demo unit out to a contractor to be rag-dolled for a season before entering production.
  4. MGS6930

    JCB Teleskid

    So this popped up on my Facebook the other day, after losing faith with the JCB brand for a few years I have to admit i'm quite impressed by their efforts the last year or so. The Hyrdadig especially with the factory fitted tilt-rotators , the new Loadall transmission, MEWPS and now this looks...
  5. MGS6930

    Self-locking yokes

    We're in the process of putting up a new suckler shed and have opted for self-locking yokes and after a slight mathematical error somewhere between the sales rep and the transport :whistle:.....we have also decided to retro-fit them onto two of our existing sheds. These will be the first yokes...
  6. MGS6930

    Compacting a silage clamp with a 360.

    Morning we' re needing a workshop project to keep our hands warm during the winter so the next problem we're making ourselves is that we're looking to improve our silage clamp compaction next "summer". Without tying up yet another tractor and operator and thinking of utilising our 14 tonner...