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  1. michael N123

    Best Place to purchase Honda Quad

    Paul gowland atvs stock a lot of used Honda
  2. michael N123

    14 Store cattle

    They not abit cheap
  3. michael N123

    Red and white diesel and farming operations

    Managing 2 woman is easy just make sure they don’t live near each other
  4. michael N123


    I watched a video of a big straw grinder over in America and couldn’t believe it it wouldn’t be a big job to have someone with a Stanley knife taking the net off first
  5. michael N123

    Wet May, plenty of hay.

    Subsoil ahead of the plow
  6. michael N123

    Wet May, plenty of hay.

    It couldn’t be any better and only put 25kg acre of N on grazing ground due to the cost of the stuff
  7. michael N123

    Wet May, plenty of hay.

    I haven’t had this much grass for years All the cattle including stores are outside.. for the first time in 4-5 year I’ve empty sheds
  8. michael N123

    Pheasant poults

    I’m gonna make more feeders and hope my neighbours still get pheasants this year
  9. michael N123

    Best month for your farm?

    May this year because there’s lots of grass (for a change) all spring works done and my sheds are empty
  10. michael N123


    Likely easier just to buy a new mower 😂😂
  11. michael N123

    Transporting scrap

    Probs get shouted at on here for this.. But We get on well with the local traveller lads and they always pay fairly so all our scrap leaves on a transit van 😂 But if I was taking it myself be a silage trailer no one can see in anyway
  12. michael N123

    Transporting scrap

    I go to the shops in my tractor
  13. michael N123

    Transporting scrap

    Silage trailer with solid back door can do what you want if no one can see in
  14. michael N123

    JD 7810 = £66,500 + 5% commission

    And they could sell it and something go wrong with it in its first few weeks of work which they’ll be expected to fix
  15. michael N123

    Polaris ranger diesel

  16. michael N123


    Pick the stones before the grass grows
  17. michael N123

    Local Crime Waves

    Appleby fair in a few weeks bike thefts always go up in the weeks beforehand round here
  18. michael N123

    Polaris ranger diesel

    Have a go in the petrol one it’s rapid 😂
  19. michael N123


    What the hell you mowing to get threw mowers like that on only 120acre a year
  20. michael N123

    40th party ideas

    Cocaine and hookers