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  1. Andrew

    Smart Locks

    Looking at smart locks to fit to a house / farm office. Has anyone got a setup, how do you get on with it? Also can you get wired power ones? Most seem to need new batteries every 3-6 months.
  2. Andrew

    McHale 998 Highspeed issue

    Machine won’t go over 25rpm anf theres no arrow next to 1A laser on screen. Power to both lasers, lenses are clean. Anyone any ideas?
  3. Andrew

    Mag drill

    My Evolution mag drill died yesterday. It was good but would like a variable speed one next time. Any recommendations? Anyone tried the Milwaukwee cordless?
  4. Andrew

    New Fastrac Cab Fair play it looks like they've listened to most of the feedback.They've put an air gauge back on the dash!
  5. Andrew

    24v Wifi range extender

    A wifi reversing camera on the back of an artic trailer, connecting to an ipad in the cab. The signal is a bit weak. I’ve tried a wired extension aerial, but no better. Can you get 24v ip rated range extenders? Or powered extension aerials?
  6. Andrew

    Remote light switch

    Want to fit work lights to a trailer, by taking a feed from the sidelights (all led so no issue there). But need to be able to turn them off from the cab, can you get quality, ip rated, reliable remote switches that work with a keyfob?
  7. Andrew

    Wifi range extender / bridge

    Need to get a wifi signal into the next building. Can't lay a cable and power is on a separate circuit so needs to be wifi. I think I need a wireless bridge and another wifi router. Can you buy ready made 'plug and play' kits or have I got to buy a bridge and a router and set it all up myself...
  8. Andrew

    Hereford to Holbeach

    Tractor front loader to move
  9. Andrew

    2nd hand tractor loader supplier

    After a cheap loader for a 4cyl JD. Don’t know much about these, any dealers worth contacting?
  10. Andrew

    TFR Reaction

    Bit of a weird one this. Washed one of our JDs last week. It’s been washed several times before and we’ve used the same TFR for years. But after 5 minutes the hubs on the front axle went like this? Didn’t affect the yellow on the wheels or any green. Washed off fine. Wondering if there’s a dye...
  11. Andrew

    Height adjustable suspension - ideas please

    I have a 5th wheel dolly used for shunting road going trailers round the yard while we load them etc. It’s getting tedious winding the legs up and down as it’s 5” lower than the 5th wheel on our tractor units. I’d also like to make it height adjustable to same the slam plates. Has anyone done...
  12. Andrew

    JD 6000/6010 series 2wd

    Looking for the above, ideally with a loader. Anyone know of one for sale or coming up soon?
  13. Andrew

    Situation Vacant HGV Class 1 Driver (Full / Part time)

    HGV Class 1 Driver Required, hours flexible to suit the right candidate. Working for a small, flexible family firm based near Huntingdon (10 miles) and Peterborough (12 miles). Curtainsider and flatbed work with hay, straw and fertiliser will be involved. Nights out would be useful but not...
  14. Andrew

    2wd JD 80-100hp with loader

    Ideally a 6010 or 6020 series.
  15. Andrew

    Independent JD fitter near Stirling?

    Got a friend wanting to buy a JD but it’s at Agritrac Exports (part of HRN?) in Stirling and they can’t get to look. Anyone got any recommendations for someone local to give it the once over?
  16. Andrew

    Recommend me a muck grab

    Recommendations please on a muck / rehandling grab for a 3.5t loader, Qfit brackets. Requirements: 2.6 cubic metres. Must be able to see tine tips from cab (current one has sheet steel backplate with a couple of slots cut in, visibility is awful) Very heavy duty, with hardox tines all round...
  17. Andrew

    External pipe fitting sealant

    Our diesel tank has developed a leak, going to be a pain to tighten all the fittings up though. It’s only a drip, is there anything I can put on the outside to seal it? It’s between the tank and the pump so very low pressure.
  18. Andrew

    Recycled railway ballast

    Looking for 200+ ton of this delivered PE28 area
  19. Andrew

    360 digger to Q fit adaptor

    Have a job coming up which needs an adaptor to go from 45mm pin 360 digger to a Q fit carriage. Has anyone made one before, or had one professionally made? I can't find any advertised. Even better, does anyone have one I could hire as I only need it for a week ish.
  20. Andrew

    Talk to me about electric fencing

    All our fencing is 3-5 strands of HT barbed wire. Last time we used electric was probably 20 years ago with the little blue plastic posts. Always been very wary of it. However, we have just put a new hedge in. Cattle will be in fields both sides of it. Both sides are fenced 4 strands of barbed...