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  1. Zebbedee

    Ford 4600 Exhaust Pipe

    I’ve never seen a standard tractor exhaust with as extra pipe sleeved and welded on the top so my money is on a car exhaust made to fit
  2. Zebbedee

    Supplying props to film crew

    Yea getting paid as @Boysground has said above is probably true so paid in advance would be the way to go
  3. Zebbedee

    Ford 4600 Exhaust Pipe

    Yea that’s a car exhaust I reckon as there’s a pipe welded on to top outlet
  4. Zebbedee

    Supplying props to film crew

    I would go with Grumpy on £6000,,,,,,do you need any extra old tyres??? Or I have some very nice pre used oil
  5. Zebbedee

    Not Quite Farm Engineering or a Quick Bodge.

    I,m struggling to believe there was not a lathe involved,,,,tidy job either way
  6. Zebbedee

    Best tyre levers?

    Happy with it? What sorta money was that one I take it you mean you had the pump already
  7. Zebbedee

    Best tyre levers?

    What about these hydraulic bead breakers my local tyre guys seem to use them a lot now was planning buying one, anyone got a recommendation
  8. Zebbedee

    Home saving conventional OSR

    A week is neither here nor there and well it’s got to go through the drier anyway, but up here in north Scotland you could be nearer a month I reckon, it takes three weeks for roundup to sorta work,,,,,,, thick green stems are hard work to harvest, but having said that I may trial a tramline...
  9. Zebbedee

    Home saving conventional OSR

    Yes totally but surely the point of home saved seed would be to spend less time establishing the crop and just double the seed rate as the seed cost is minimal
  10. Zebbedee

    Home saving conventional OSR

    Up here not to roundup osr would be a bold move, but yield must take a penalty. Out of interest how many days later would you be cutting compared to a desiccated crop
  11. Zebbedee

    Home saving conventional OSR

    Combine losses always seem to germinate well enough
  12. Zebbedee

    Knipex Pliers Wrench(es)

    Would a metric shifter not be as good with the added advantage that it doubles as a hammer too
  13. Zebbedee

    Strange Harrow ! Any ideas ?

    Paddy harrows we called them knock them down with paddy harrows for weed control then drill them back up with drill Plough once plant peeped through, maybe drill them up again once or twice for weed control until canopy took over seemed to be fairly effective for little cost. Destoners came...
  14. Zebbedee

    Rotovator recommendations

    Tidy machines
  15. Zebbedee

    Claas diesel tank

  16. Zebbedee

    Low loader Floor

    Softwood is ok to use and better grip than hardwood too, proper hardwood is very slippy when wet. Softwood needs to be thicker at least 40mm thick My trailer is steel floor with rubber matting bolted on each side where digger sits and last trailer was softwood floor with rubber too and no probs...
  17. Zebbedee

    Deutz engine valve clearances vibration

    Changing oils ain’t gonna make much difference so rocker cover of I reckon
  18. Zebbedee

    Webb turnip seeder seed cell spacings

    Millions of years since I used a Webb but there must be a number on cell wheel (B6 at a guess) and I seem to recall something on seed bag but that was probably the B designation which is seed size. Failing that run the drill and see? Should be able to find seed if you pull in top link a bit
  19. Zebbedee

    Cobo double D socket

    Your local motor factors or hgv factors will stock them sometimes called a d socket