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  1. HarryB97

    Arable silage or wholecrop?

    I cut 5 acres of Blackgrassy winter barley today that is in ear but has no grain fill yet. Does anyone have a rough idea what it might analyse like?
  2. HarryB97


    She has a good bark on her and definitely takes after her dad more who was the Huntaway rather than the mum. She’s so chilled out compared to my Collie I didn’t think she was going to work stock despite being with me everyday since she was 10 weeks. Showing a good interest now though but is more...
  3. HarryB97


    bought a Huntaway x Collie from @CGHarrison at Christmas. Think he might have a couple of 7 month old pups left.
  4. HarryB97

    PTO cover

    Order a new guard but in the meantime cover up the damaged bit with some tape etc so the spinning shaft is not exposed. PTOs are not dangerous, It’s very simple just don’t go near it when it’s on!
  5. HarryB97

    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    Food waste is more of an issue, last figure I saw about one third of food is wasted?
  6. HarryB97

    Feed silos

    3 Collinsons here. Fantastic service from them the whole way through, would definitely recommend!
  7. HarryB97

    Tractor Drawn Cattle Box

    Stewart trailers. A demountable box sounds like a great idea but no one ever takes the box off in reality!
  8. HarryB97

    The Demo Thread

    Had a quote for a new Diesel Polaris with full cab & heater etc. just under 20k
  9. HarryB97

    Cutting winter barley now, nutritional value?

    I have about 5 acres of winter barley that is full of blackgrass that I want to mow rather than let it seed. The barley is out in ear but no grain fill has occurred yet. What sort of nutritional value could I hope for from it? Top quality silage like grass or more gut fill?
  10. HarryB97

    Clamp silage through a bale unroller

    Emily attachments do a huge range of mixer and auger buckets for silage and straights.
  11. HarryB97

    Red Clover

    Fairly high in protein and more drought resistant than most plants but not a patch on Lucerne in that department. Takes longer to get going in the spring than grass but then motors. If you let it get to mature the stems can become like twigs, become unpalatable and damage wrap. I find it lasts...
  12. HarryB97

    Round baling silage cost

    That is very cheap! Down here last season we were just over £3 for a 4foot round, £2 for wrapping then wrap on top
  13. HarryB97

    Any one priced clik yet.

    Joys of wool shedders another cost saved!
  14. HarryB97

    Bitumen to protect shed posts

    Shutter round them and concrete them
  15. HarryB97

    Worthwhile or a waste of diesel

    Has really transformed our summer horse paddocks that suffer heavily from shallow surface compaction. Like every job in the right conditions it can really help but more often than not like harrowing and rolling grass it’s a waste of time for the cost and time it takes, just doesn’t leave smart...
  16. HarryB97

    KV Geospread Advice

    On mine I just clear the coverage and it starts again, that’s running through isobus on a Valtra
  17. HarryB97

    Spread a bale for round bales?

    Is anyone using a spread a bale on round bales? If so what size works best? Got several neighbours who have them but all use square bales.
  18. HarryB97

    Terminal female conundrum

    Competition will always exist and people will just buy from another seller if they can not from you. I would keep doing what you are doing as a good reputation will never leave you short of customers and able to charge a premium price. You are already many years ahead of anyone that decides to...
  19. HarryB97

    Terminals for shedders

    Currently only put a shedding tup over my best ewes which is about 20% of my flock. The main reason being I am then not tempted to keep other ewe lambs from poorer ewes for breeding etc, also means I can not get my tups mixed up. Going forward I would like to go all shedding to basically...
  20. HarryB97

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Light cattle you will get hammered but strong stores are no different, I always sell to AFUs saves the hassle, risk and cost of pre movement testing