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  1. Northantsplants

    Help needed with fungicide spray timing

    Hi All I am researching the potential for using one of our novel organic bio-fungicides in conventional cereal crops. The product in question is chitosan, which can be used in the UK/EU for fungal disease control. For more details see: I was...
  2. Northantsplants

    Pigs' blood?

    Hi I was wondering if somebody on here could point me in the direction of an abattoir where there may be significant volumes of blood being collected? Preferably in the East Midlands. We have an idea for a blood-based organic product, but unlike the standard blood-based products, it would not be...
  3. Northantsplants

    Animals mistaken for pests in crops

    Hi All I have just written this blog post about organisms that are sometimes mistaken for pests in crops. I would love to know this community's thoughts on it. Are there any creepy crawlies I have missed off that you...