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  1. Case290

    Drainage plow 2032

    Lazer grade controls Trimble CB60 all working but it’s jumpy when operating the system is plumed into the 2 front Hyd rams with the rear Hyd ram in float as it should be. But y is it so jumpy. Any one running a plow in lazer control guess it should be smooth. Should I change it over to the rear...
  2. Case290

    Shed build

    What happened to the shed building spec to need 254 rafters and 305 posts on a 40ft wide shed, seams excessive .
  3. Case290

    Solar dose it stack up

    Looking like the farm usage is around 20000kwh a year grain fans couple barns work shop / unit house etc fairly standard I guess with most usage at night. Dose solar stack up with the export rate dropping to 3.2p kWh Been suggested by solar comp one , I need 42kw solar but no batteries at...
  4. Case290

    Legal requirements front seed hopper

    Where would I find out the requirements for a road going front seed hopper .
  5. Case290

    Claydon v drill rear

    Claydon v drill press wheels wanted
  6. Case290

    Amazone sprayer ux steering calibration

    Calibration trail tron steering axle got titty boo boo . any one got the know how . got the book s out but no joy must be doing some thing wrong .. dealers gone home 430 👎 Friday half full of spray . (Typical)
  7. Case290

    Grain dryer

    Master 12t yr98 ish 380v alternator it’s dropped to 300 v and burner cut out . it’s that a sign alternator gone bad checked and tightened the belts and was fine again for almost a load. And dropped to 300 volts again. Any one know how to test or service them. Or is it a case of throw away and...
  8. Case290

    Rds ps8000i variable rate seed plan

    Maybe is a old thread on this contour ag +seed Plan ——- to Rds control box Any tips to get this to work Seed plan complete Select individual fields download to sd card Rds box asking for farm number field number ? ??? 👎 day gone got no where fast
  9. Case290

    Chopped straw 👎

    Cloudy overcast combining, monster straw crop, blunt chopper blades claydon vdrill = unhappy farmer luckily it’s not all like it. Could use disc drill I guess probably be ok winter beans with a disc drill any advise
  10. Case290

    Jd 9780i

    Fan speed question any combine really how fast should it change speed. My 9780 seams to slow for me 10 seconds to change 100rpm. Real speed drum speed concave all seam to change as you’d think.
  11. Case290

    Clay trap Dtl base

    I have promatic Clay trap promatic said they don’t do a Dtl base for it as it’s so old. Has any one made there own base l quite like making stuff and have draw the parts I need but lacking info on which 12volt geared motor I would need. I think they need to be Aprox 8rpm 20 amp I know...
  12. Case290

    Atv Rock beam trailer

    Made this ATV trailer the other week really pleased travels fantastic across the fields.
  13. Case290

    Stocks slug pellet applicator

    Hi chaps I’ve looked on the stocks web site couldn’t see what I’m after regards. Machine operating switch that fits to the top link. Currently have the box in the cab which has to be switched each bout.
  14. Case290

    Front tank error

    I run a front tank accord df2 with Rds radar etc mounted Claydon tool bar. Just drilled a field calibrated as normal finished field to realise 80kg/ ha out ... on seed used ... checked calabration it’s bang on. Wtf .. what could possibly be going on.. the speed on the screen said the same as...
  15. Case290

    Importing stuff now takes ???? Longer

    Importing stuff from the eu now takes how long ???? Small tow hitch Usually 2/3 days one week and waiting. Stuck at customs Could be a big problem wanting machinery parts in a hurry form the eu
  16. Case290

    Sheep snacker diy build

    Building a sheep /Pheasant snacker. now I’m stuck how does the electric mechanism work
  17. Case290

    Spring barley advice

    I’ve got a drill which will drill seed & fert. Should I drill all the fert In one go it’s what I want to do. They are metered separately but do go in the same place slot. Disc drill any thoughts. Probably going 120kg/n/ha solid fert either 34.5 or 24/8/8/8
  18. Case290

    Grain buckets

    We have got an xform Strimech grain bucket 2.8cub are there any better buckets as this one spills grain. I see jcb and others do buckets with curved front edges are they better. ?
  19. Case290

    Moisture claims

    We’re off first moisture claim. What are the normal charges they got a 15.3 moisture -£2 per ton . Is that the going rate. Load of old tosh as normal, don't know why I bother sending my moisture meter of to be calibrated. At least they sent the deduction 3 days after the lorry was loaded...
  20. Case290


    I can never normally find any Aphids, but loads about.