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  1. Haggis

    Tablet For staff

    We have a couple of Samsung tablets. They were about £130 at the time. I’m pretty sure they have paid for themselves in paper and ink savings alone, before you even start on the time and hassle of entering paper records into the computer.
  2. Haggis

    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    @Janet Hughes Defra Can land currently included in an HLS scheme be entered into and SFI agreement?
  3. Haggis

    Mapping/Precision farming software

    I am pretty cynical about the likes of Fieldview and Xarvio being driven by Bayer and BASF. I am also pretty conscious that all allot of new software and p/f technology doesn’t actually make us any more profit or make life any easier. The frustrating thing is that Gatekeeper does everything I...
  4. Haggis

    Mapping/Precision farming software

    I am currently using Gatekeeper for crop recording and mapping/precision farming. There seems to be a reasonable choice for the crop recording alternatives, however options for the mapping and precision farming side of things seem more limited. What are other people using to do mapping and...
  5. Haggis

    Gritter body. Preston, Lancashire to Alcester, South Warwickshire

    I am looking for a price to collect a Gritter body (16ft long, 7ft wide, 4ft high. Approx. 2.5t) from Preston and deliver to Alcester.
  6. Haggis

    John Deere reducing dealerships

    I appreciate that John Deere aren’t about to do away with all their dealers. However, what about a middle ground of one or two dealers or service agents covering the whole country with only a few depots, maybe north, south, east and west and engineers working out of vans? Do you really need to...
  7. Haggis

    John Deere reducing dealerships

    I’m sure they would, but for starters they wouldn’t have a £100k + invoice for rent on a yard, before you put anything or any employees in it.
  8. Haggis

    John Deere reducing dealerships

    I appreciate there is a lot of people employed by these dealers. However, how necessary are dealers, are they just another layer taking a profit out the industry? We have a Bateman sprayer. Bateman have no dealers. I only have good words about there after sales service, they always seem to be...
  9. Haggis


    For anyone on the look out for a Handler, I have one for sale.
  10. Haggis

    Slurry Tanker for Hauling liquid Fert

    Is there any reason that a slurry tanker couldn't be used as a bowser for liquid fertiliser to support a sprayer, assuming the pump was changed and filling points changed?
  11. Haggis

    Trailer Chassis for 12,000l Bowser

    How well do they follow the tractor?
  12. Haggis

    Drier hoppers/Feeding batch driers

    Yes, I found a potato bulker going spare with no chassis. We built a chassis under it and added 4ft onto the sides. It will now hold about 60t. We also put what is basically a float switch in over the driers hopper which switches the belt on and off. It has made our drying operation much...
  13. Haggis

    KV plough synchronizing valve block problem

    I have had an Ld 85 with the same symptoms before. In the end it turned out to be the needle bearings in the headstock rather than the valve block. They were breaking up which was causing more resistance when turning over. This extra resistance was causing the valve block to move on in the...
  14. Haggis

    BPS payment in bank tomorrow!

    What are message are you getting on the RPA online? We are still on claim validation.
  15. Haggis

    Drier hoppers/Feeding batch driers

    We have a 48t opico drier which we currently load with a hopper which holds about 15t. Because of the size of the hopper we are unable to run the drier in full automatic mode, meaning we are losing capacity as the drier stops after every load. I have been trying to come up with a way of...
  16. Haggis

    Hot air balloon landing gifts?

    £500 is what I have changed recently for allowing access to recover a balloon. By the time it has flattened crop or scared stock and then all associated hassle, it's not unreasonable.
  17. Haggis

    Seeder unit on a 6m Horsch Joker

    We are in the process of mounting a stocks seeder on to a Horsch Joker. There is loads of space to mount the seed outlets between the discs and the packer roller, apart from behind the wheels. How much space does the seed need to fan out from the outlets? Has anyone else mounted a seeder on a...
  18. Haggis

    N max crappery

    So once I have calculated the amount of N required, if it comes out at less than the Nmax, can I still apply up to the Nmax limit, i.e. Planet/RB209 tells me my wheat needs 190kg/ha can I still apply 220kg/ha to all my wheat (the Nmax limit)?
  19. Haggis

    Working hours

    As an industry, we are renowned for working long hours. At what point does it get silly? What is a reasonable amount of hours for someone to average per week over the course of a year?