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  1. ih1455xl

    Ferri hedge trimmer

    Any idea who the importer is now or who does parts for them
  2. ih1455xl

    Liquid fert mixing tank

    Any liquid fert mixing tanks around or big tanks to make one out of
  3. ih1455xl

    Kvernland geospread

    Anyone ever pulled one apart looks like somethings broke on the drop point rotator im guessing bolts have sheared off a stone managed to get jammed between it and a vane I’m assuming it’s a hopper off job Any ideas
  4. ih1455xl

    Fodder beet j15 m1 Northampton

    Good clean fodder beet £30t over the cleaner loader
  5. ih1455xl

    Roller shutter door

    5.7m wide and 4.2m high 3phase with manual chain £350
  6. ih1455xl

    Sheet metal folder

    Takes up to 1.5m wide £350
  7. ih1455xl

    Galucho RDA press

    Has anyone got a parts book for one of these or got one that could measure the length of the hyd hoses
  8. ih1455xl

    Loader up to 20k

    Got a chap here that’s looking for a telehandler/loader up to £20k didn’t need to be massive mostly stacking tatie boxes of fire wood
  9. ih1455xl

    claas arion/mf 6480 pick up hitch

    either complete hitch or just the push out bit
  10. ih1455xl

    Silage wrap prices

    Anyone had any prices only quote I’ve had so far is 67.38/ roll for black 750
  11. ih1455xl

    Crop packaging

    Any deals on bale wrap and bale string
  12. ih1455xl

    Milling wheat protein

    Ransom thought of the day does the moisture content of wheat affect the protein level I.e. would 14% moisture wheat still be 13 protein if it was 13 or 15% moisture Only ask as looking at sample results 14.80 mc is 13.8 protein 15.50 mc is 13.3 protein
  13. ih1455xl

    Makita 3/4 impact gun

    110v 3/4 impact wrench awesome bit of kit not a lot this won’t undo or do up only been used a few times selling on behalf of father in law £200 Can post
  14. ih1455xl

    20ft double security gates

    2x 10ft wide 8ft tall security gates with posts £250
  15. ih1455xl

    Cattle troughs and diagonal barriers

    Troughs are 15ft long £40 each barriers are all different lengths some 9ft some 8ft some 7ft 9 in total £10 each
  16. ih1455xl

    8ft bucket pin and cone

    8ft cherry bucket on pin and cone brackets needs new blade £300 for the bucket I have a blade to fit that cost me £300 aswell
  17. ih1455xl

    Griffith silage sides

    Think they came off either a 8 or 10t trailer 14ft long think we had a 2ft extension for the bigger trailer at 16ft long £notes in the church roof fund
  18. ih1455xl

    DIY Bale trailer

    Free to anyone that wants it 20ft long bed located next to j15 m1
  19. ih1455xl

    Renault 106-54 engine side pannel

    R/h engine side pannel to fit Renault 106-54 will fit other models All good and straight £150
  20. ih1455xl

    Ford 8340 wheel centres

    Came off white cab 8340 will measure when I find me tape measure