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  1. Andrew K

    What Fertilizer spreader ?

    I would avoid anything complex, or with silly small difficult to see readout if you are getting on a bit like me. The best spreader i ever had was a Bredal B2, simple,accurate,reliable = Bliss. Second best was an Amazone ZAM.
  2. Andrew K

    Root crops and grass weeds

    He is breaking the normal BG establishment cycle by planting a late spring sown crop, with a vigorous smothering habit and is able to use different chemistry and mechanical weeding as well if required.
  3. Andrew K

    Buying group recommendations?

    Fram cost me alot of money this year by messing up my fertiliser order , not happy!
  4. Andrew K

    Quad bike Sprayer

    Used logic or Enduramaxx would be my choice. Have a used Northstar here but not sure about pump condition so would let it go for £75 plus VAT etc.
  5. Andrew K

    Alternatives to soyl

    Courtyard partnership used to do that IIRC?
  6. Andrew K

    Idiots guide to Liquid Fert

    Hello Joel,HC Its an Enduramaxx fert spec vertical 30000 litre version with 2" outlet. Similar to the one in picture below. Sorry, but just sold this morning to an Essex farmer, Can do new as an alternative for anyone looking for more storage.
  7. Andrew K

    Idiots guide to Liquid Fert

    Anyone looking for a liquid fert tank,We have an unused 30000 litre for sale. ?
  8. Andrew K

    Nitrogen replacement late in the day on growing crop

    Would have thought cultivation system used would impact N release from soil. Need to stop weeds hogging up N too. i think Clover co cropping might work? One for Andy Howard maybe?
  9. Andrew K

    Crops after belkar?

    Failed rape problem?
  10. Andrew K

    Stop helping Putin

    UK is not a big customer of Russian gas at under 5% of our useage, but as we know price has a knock on effect on oil, cost of ferts and other Commodities, Why arent we fracking more is my question, cant be solely down to the protesters.?
  11. Andrew K

    Liquid fert on frost?

    Ok if leaf dry and not using UAN . N20 probably safest liquid option.
  12. Andrew K

    Sprayer operator health check

    Its the long term effects you want to worry about. Most Neurological health experts believe there is a link between spraying pesticides and Parkinsons... Maybe that is the real reason why Organophosate products got banned?
  13. Andrew K

    Letting OSR ripen natural

    Depends on the timing and amount really. I have memories of being half through a field with the combine when hail struck but only lost around 20% approx at the top of the swath, A standing crop would have been worse IMO.
  14. Andrew K

    Letting OSR ripen natural

    I have found oil contents are normally better when crops ripen naturally.Worth something! It suits early, "low shatter" varieties and less exposed sites really, plus balls of steel!
  15. Andrew K

    Scrap Metal Price

    Was quoted £220 for shearings etc yesterday into a free skip from Dunmow Skips. Can weigh here on our own W/B.
  16. Andrew K

    Simtech tsem and beans

    @Simon C ?
  17. Andrew K

    Fendt dropping trailer sprayers

    Sooner or later, people buy a Chafer.....
  18. Andrew K

    Cheap fert?

    Probably best mixed into a liquid?
  19. Andrew K

    Twin leg mole plough - minimal heave

    Just ordered a mounted single leg with cutting disc , rear roller etc ,around 8K .
  20. Andrew K

    Wheat as a cover crop

    Maybe drill it?