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  1. Tubbylew


    Never used the stuff myself, but stumbled upon this bbc article which may be interesting to some, apologies if its been posted before
  2. Tubbylew

    12ft Ifor williams flatbed

    Had my 12ft Ifor williams trailer pinched last night in south herefordshire, not much hope of getting it back but please keep an eye out, pic for attention
  3. Tubbylew

    An interesting listen on radio 4 tommorrow at 8pm Thought this maybe of interest to some, mods feel free to move if not in the right place.
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    Came across this channel a while back, much better than countryfile, and really well produced stuff
  5. Tubbylew

    Interesting article An interesting 2 minute read
  6. Tubbylew

    Jd 6600 trouble code

    Evenin all, could anyone give me a clue as to the following code on a late 6600, and also how to clear it, code is Ser2, appears before hours appear on start up, thanks in advance, @Tractortech , @NZ Tech
  7. Tubbylew


    Looks like waitrose have been a bit err...creative with some of their labels
  8. Tubbylew

    grass seed

    Just thinking about reseeding 10 acres, for grazing by mainly sheep and cutting for hay, aftee a four/ five year ley on herefordshire clay, would like some reasonably persistant red clover in it also. Thanks for looking.
  9. Tubbylew

    Split chestnut fencing

    100 metres split chestnut, 3 rail fencing, delivered to Herefordshire.
  10. Tubbylew

    Fowl house

    Any recommendations for a small fowl house? Mrs Tubbylew wants half a dozen hens to keep the kiddies busy. I did suggest that farther's car had more than a passing resemblance, apparently that's not acceptable. Also suggested making one, "I'll be eighty by the time it's finished" was her reply...