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  1. Andrew

    Attaching trailer air brakes

    Yes they have EBS, but Renaultman is right. Our Scania midlift, when you apply the handbrake in the cab, only brakes the 1st and 3rd axle. Not the trailer at all. On the C&E driving test, they also don't give a fig which airline you disconnect or connect first, (in fact they now advise red first...
  2. Andrew

    Attaching trailer air brakes

    On most ag and older hgv trailers the brake actuators are sprung OFF. The red line fills the air tanks on the trailer. The yellow line acts as a signal to the RELAY valve that uses air pressure from the air tank to apply the brakes. The yellow line does not apply the brakes. The relay valve...
  3. Andrew


    IIRC there are different axle weights depending on the axle spacings too.
  4. Andrew

    How long should a machine last

    Yes we like them. Yes the build quality could be massively improved - but so could all makes. We also have 4 Fastracs, 4 Deeres and until recently an MF. The JCBs have had their problems, but no more than the others, and we’ve never been more than 24hrs before being fixed or having a like for...
  5. Andrew

    How long should a machine last

    How many telescopics do you run? We run 3 and we run JCB at the moment because the drivers like them and we get excellent backup from the dealer. The only other make we would contemplate at the moment is Merlo. The local dealers put us off the orhers.
  6. Andrew

    New toy day

    We’ve had a 10m Pottinger for the last 3 years alongside the Lely. We tended to use the Lely for 1st pass, but Pottinger for the rest as it makes a better job in drier conditions. Pottinger was always the drivers preference but maybe because you don’t have to get off the seat to set up the...
  7. Andrew

    JCB Fastrack 4220 Questions

    The field cruises (the ones set at 6 and 9.9 above) actually work extremely well, but only if you set it at a speed the tractor can manage. In my experience, set it more than 1k more than the tractor can manage and it will just rev up full and go nowhere. If the speed is realistic it will drop...
  8. Andrew

    JCB Fastrack 4220 Questions

    Must be something amiss they're normally quick to react. I rarely run mine over 250 otherwise it accelerates too quick and dies on the mowers. I'll have a look tomorrow at the other settings
  9. Andrew

    Loaded up and trucking!!

    Beaten to it :facepalm:
  10. Andrew

    Loaded up and trucking!!

    Been to the Marshall trailers school of loading
  11. Andrew

    JCB Fastrack 4220 Questions

    You should be able to adjust the engine 'droop' in the gearbox settings. From memory is it the bottom one? This is how much the engine revs drop before it alters the gearing. The higher the droop, the faster the acceleration
  12. Andrew

    Smart Locks

    Looking at smart locks to fit to a house / farm office. Has anyone got a setup, how do you get on with it? Also can you get wired power ones? Most seem to need new batteries every 3-6 months.
  13. Andrew

    Austria to UK

    Rainthorpes Richard Long
  14. Andrew

    Attaching trailer air brakes

    We use 'C' couplings, no idea why, historic I guess? Best way to connect stubborn ones is a little bit of spit on the coupling, push and twist the coupling while trying to latch the collar with your other hand. Stand on the drawbar if you need to, get your body weight behind them to help...
  15. Andrew

    New toy day

    Put this up a few months back, but first use today
  16. Andrew

    Land rover registered as agricutural tractor

    Has said Landy got ABS as I'm sure that's a requirement for Ag to go at 40mph
  17. Andrew

    one for the MF die hards

    Really? All demo tractors round here come registered, and we have to insure them while they’re here.
  18. Andrew

    Farm Engineering

    Made this ages ago but forgot to put pictures up. McHale 998, the stand is awful, you have to walk round to lift it up and down, and then the headstock swings downhill when you take it off. The original pto holder digs in your stomach attaching the pto. This stand is swung up and down with your...
  19. Andrew

    McHale 998 Highspeed issue

    Machine won’t go over 25rpm anf theres no arrow next to 1A laser on screen. Power to both lasers, lenses are clean. Anyone any ideas?
  20. Andrew

    cutting roofing nails

    Much grab on the telehandler.