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  1. oakleaf

    Classics Earning their keep.

    Good auld buses but are the decals crap on them all?
  2. oakleaf

    Farmers earn more from YouTube than their crops

    I am with you on this. The domestic farming ones are boring for me. Different countries are a bit more interesting but they too become stale soon enough. But thank you for the heads up on “Itchy Boots” l like bikes and did my bit of travelling so this does hit my button and I didn’t know about...
  3. oakleaf

    Spraying milk on crops

    Well I was filling my sprayer many years ago when a local Mr know-it-all comes along and says “Oh l wouldn’t be putting that mix out if it was me” I told him “it’s neither my crop nor my sprayer and if the farmer said to put a jar of Nescafé and a bag of sugar/ hectare that’s what it would...
  4. oakleaf

    Classics Earning their keep.

    Didn’t think there would be much difference between the two or have you fatter tyres on one?
  5. oakleaf

    MF Silver Mist - Any Advice On Spraying For Amateur

    I added 250ml thinner to 1 litre of silver mist and as mentioned above it never looks right but heat the paint slightly and spray multiple light coats on a warm day and it dried on the finest. NB l am not a pro painter or anything near but I think it looks great . l did use genuine paint from...
  6. oakleaf

    Fendt transmission rebuild cost 25k

    I may have interpreted this wrongly but it is not a great endorsement of the 516 if you are looking to take the pressure off it after only 2k hours.
  7. oakleaf

    Fendt TurboMatik Clutch

    My book is for a 311 and 310 which use 8.1 and 7.6 litres respectively. I did once have a 308 but no longer do, however I am fairly sure it was also 7.6 litre and am certain the test was the exact same. I would say all the 4 cylinder models used the same turboclutch. I would drain the...
  8. oakleaf

    Fendt TurboMatik Clutch

    Here is the information you’re looking for, from my operator manual .
  9. oakleaf

    MF 65

    Good idea, thanks for that
  10. oakleaf

    MF 65

    Can anyone interpret the date codes on a MF 65? The serial no. is 541580 which puts it at 1961 according to several websites There is a code J 24 K on the transmission housing which l am guessing is a casting date, is anybody able to enlighten me on this because I can’t find anything on...
  11. oakleaf

    Hedgecutters and electric fences.

    Well I will be the first to admit that I am no electrical genius but fencers do put out a heck of a lot more than 12v.
  12. oakleaf

    Hedgecutters and electric fences.

    Yesterday I was cutting behind the single strand electric fence on a nearby dairy farm. From time to time the hood of the hedger made contact with the wire and a spark could be seen. Now my tractor is 24 years old so I am not particularly worried, but it just got me wondering whether this...
  13. oakleaf

    Fendt 511c 4WD

    I have a 1997 model 515 with the exact same problem. Been like this for years. Never went about sorting it though as never used auto function that much. Remember dragging a beet harvester around a sticky headland and suddenly the FWD disengaged and I was going nowhere . I did mention it to a...
  14. oakleaf

    Who runs their own shoot

    Run a small rough shoot here. Have 12 members and shoot over ten different farms and also some foreshore and marshland which is the highlight tbh. Only for fun and the subs clear the expenses leaving every year a break even. Have an annual dinner at the end of each season at a top restaurant and...
  15. oakleaf

    The f*****n useless workshy f****n b******rd NSF

    Non Sufficient Funds? Perhaps
  16. oakleaf

    Rasp bar tightness Tx66?

    That would be my way too.
  17. oakleaf

    What do you eat for breakfast

    A dozen weetabix Half gallon tea yet only a handful of raisins 😃 Why not down the whole pack? And wtf is activated almond?
  18. oakleaf

    Fendt 309. Turbomatic

    Ahead of their time is a ridiculous phrase. Ahead of the competition maybe but nothing is ahead of it’s time,it is of it’s time . A 309 is a fine tractor but it’s heading for a fifty year old design at this stage. As said above hopeless as a loader tractor compared to a modern shuttle box. It...
  19. oakleaf

    Tyres for hedging tractor

    20 psi