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  1. Farmer_1994

    Rearing bull calves and beef crosses

    Are there many guys just keeping there bulls and raising them up? How long are you raising them for? We are thinking of just raising all our calves and selling the bulls at around 200-225kg. never been satisfied with the bull buyers price even in the good times. Figure we do all the work to...
  2. Farmer_1994

    Group housing calves

    Producers with group housing, what is the maximum age gap you would want between oldest and youngest calf? Headlock, with bottle holders for feeding. Thinking maximum group size of 8 which would take us about two weeks to fill. Is that to much age gap between youngest and oldest in the pen?
  3. Farmer_1994

    “Grazing corn”

    Bmr tillering corn, 60 days from plant till harvest and yields 5-7 dm ton an acre. feed test from local farmer that tried it last year Thoughts?
  4. Farmer_1994


    Looking into re grooving some lanes in the barn and parlour. We do all our own hoof trimming and have our old trimmer in as a consultant now and then. He suggested we look at putting grooves rubber down in the rest of the milking parlour instead of grooving. Haven’t looked into costs yet. What...
  5. Farmer_1994

    Loose housing stocking density

    What is a good amount of bedded area per cow on an indoor straw pack?
  6. Farmer_1994

    Robots and parlour

    We are looking at buying a neighbouring dairy that is currently set up as a robot facility with 2 gea boxes. Has a good newer barn and a pack barn that would be good for calving fresh cows out in. Our home farm is double 12 parallel parlour and we are limited for space and facilities to do a...
  7. Farmer_1994

    Jersey vs Holstein

    How do jerseys compare on components to Holsteins? Obviously there are ton of factors at play but in general which breed is going to put more solids in the tank?
  8. Farmer_1994

    Jersey vs Holstein

    How do jerseys compare on components to Holsteins? Obviously there are ton of factors at play but in general which breed is going to put more solids in the tank?
  9. Farmer_1994

    Safety equipment for trimming feet

    What is everyone using for safety and protection? Safety glasses and an apron right now but is there anything for keeping all the my fingers attached lol
  10. Farmer_1994

    4 row barn, head to head or tail to tail?

    We are starting to throw ideas around for new barn, pretty simple really but the great debate seems to revolve around this question on our farm. Head to head or tail to tail stall layout? Head to head narrows the barn up a bit and reduces over all cost. Other opinion is that tail to tail is more...
  11. Farmer_1994

    Hoof trimming records

    What do you find the best way to keep track of all hoof work done on the cows on the farm? We do all our own trimming. Currently we enter our hoof records into our herd management program. I find the information to be very basic and not readily available. Do any dairy farmers run the kind of...
  12. Farmer_1994

    Silage inventory

    So common idea around here has been to have 6 months carry over on grass and maize silage in case of emergency. Short story is, coming into this crop year with almost no carry over. We will be pushing our carry over to a year from now on if we can get it. Does anyone else run 6m to 1y of silage...
  13. Farmer_1994

    Forager NIR accuracy?

    Looking into putting an NIR tester on forage harvester. Are they accurate? Worth the price? Do you find value in the information? Most interested in the accuracy of the component testing, moisture, and yield calculating. Put up 10k+ tons between grass and maize silage.
  14. Farmer_1994

    Compact wheel loaders?

    How are they on the dairy? Currently use skid steers for scraping and a large frame wheel loader for feeding and bale work. Looking for something able to do both if we need it to. What would you recommend?
  15. Farmer_1994

    Handling facilities

    Starting to plan our expansion, wondering how long of a race we would need to have 15 cows lined up behind the chute. Also how much of an angle would we want to have cows at in a palpating rail?
  16. Farmer_1994

    Milk bar teat buckets advice

    Looking at switching to milk bar teat buckets for individual calf pens. Anything we should know before we do? Should we be taking the buckets away after feeding so calves don’t suck and chew the nipples to much? How often do they need cleaning? Currently use nipple bottles and it is very labour...
  17. Farmer_1994

    Evanza milking cluster

    Being released in Canada Monday. Anyone using them across the pond yet with feedback?
  18. Farmer_1994

    Cutting out the feed mill

    Is It possible to completely cut the feed mill out and source and mix our own feed supplements? Our 3 main ingredients in our complete feed are ground corn, canola meal, and dried distillers grain. Easy enough to source those 3 and save a fair bit. Would it be worth while mixing the other...
  19. Farmer_1994

    Calf sheds

    Has anyone recently built a purpose built calf shed? Looking at building one for ourselves next year and would love to see what you’ve done to get ideas for ours.
  20. Farmer_1994

    Prodig grass fork

    Looking into a prodig grass fork for the loader next year, does it work well with corn silage as well? How would it do with cleaning out straw pack bedding?