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  1. TexelBen

    Converting small shed to slats for chickens

    I've got my small flock in lockdown in the end of a building that's mainly full of old stuff and things I might one day need 🤣 It's 15x25 foot and currently bedded up with straw. The area could be made to be twice as big if needed. It's just an old harcore floor that's pretty much gone, it...
  2. TexelBen

    New lamb weigher

    Our old converted pig weigh is givin erratic weights, so wa ting to convert to a new one. Needs to be digital and weigh properly 🤣 Will shed lambs into it from the race, so doesn't need to shed. Don't need tag reader or Bluetooth, will possibly be moved once or twice a year, from one holding...
  3. TexelBen

    Flexmark cold crayons

    I'm really struggling to find flexmark cold crayons, had matemark in the past, they were rubbish (had to use 2 last year, they were awful compared to flexmark) Unless there's another brand that's decent marking?
  4. TexelBen

    Vicon vari spreader mk2 400

    Hoping to spread a bit of fert with out old vicon wagtail, but the propshaft is way too short for my MF690 had a measure up and seen this on agriline, should be right length, it will it have the correct 3 spoked end to bolt onto the rubber? It's not clear from the listing. TIA...
  5. TexelBen

    Dabro slitter aerator

    Recently bought this second hand, seems to be doing a good job. Replaced some bolts that were worn/loose holding the blades on, But still lost a blade somewhere 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I've googled but can't find where to buy new blades, anyone got any ideas?
  6. TexelBen

    Crows spoiling bales

    We baled some 4 stringers last summer, looked good haylage, wrapped them with 6 layers and stacked them in the field. Contractors looked to do a good job baking and wrapping them, any tears I patched up from handling them (bale squeeze) Been feeding housed in lamb ewes on them, at least half of...
  7. TexelBen

    Best work socks?

    Sick of "work socks" wearing through in no time, and sweaty feet. Spend all of my time in Steelie dealer boots or wellies. I'm assuming the more wool, the better?
  8. TexelBen

    Farm building security, deterrents, good ideas?

    Got 2 buildings away from the house (about a mile) Both block/concrete panels to about 4 foot then Yorkshire boarding. No.mains power or WiFi. Had a break in a few months back, took some power tools. Got the usual, quad, tractor, generator and bits and bats, anything worth money that I can...
  9. TexelBen

    Bird flu national lockdown

    Just read as of the 14 were on national lockdown for bird flu. My hens free range over 30 acres and roost/feed in an old caravan, they'll be very cramped if i lock them in there all day, but I'm unsure of what else to do, advice says to keep them from mixing with wild birds.
  10. TexelBen

    Securing Yorkshire boarding

    Recently had a break in to our new building, they broke a couple of boards and climbed in. Any clever ideas of keeping the thieving sods out?
  11. TexelBen

    IW gates

    I've been looking for extensions for the ramp gates on a dp120 for a while now (the ones that hooknon the sides when not using them), only found a few and they're other end of the country, looking for a sheep deck divider gate too. Anyone know where I could find them? All websites I find have...
  12. TexelBen

    Tupping crayons

    We've always used Mate mark cold crayons, (sometimes used nettex) they used to be spot on, but the quality of the mark seems to be getting worse and worse. Straps fitted properly and the tups give them a good "rubbing" Anyone found a better brand?
  13. TexelBen

    Feeding molasses inside

    We house lambing ewes around Xmas, and turn them out just after lambing in early April. Stops them destroying our land as we're on heavy clay. Last year we fed hay and cake. Would haylage and molasses do them in the earlier stages then swap to cake later on?
  14. TexelBen

    Mf 690, blowing onring on hydraulic coupling.

    Had the tractor about a year now, recon I've replaced this o ring on the rear valve block 10 times now, it can be good more for a few days of work then blow again, any ideas? I found an o ring that seems to fit the one that came off the first time and keep replacing it.
  15. TexelBen

    Tractor Loader pins

    I've finally swapped mf 80 loader to an unmolested one, with the proper tilt linkage. Its missing some pins out of the linkage, can I make some out of standard mild steel, or do they need to hardened? Tia
  16. TexelBen

    Back to back lambing pens

    We're on with redesigning the lambing shed layout to make more room for bonding pens. The problem I'm having, is how to attach pens back to back. We've iae hurdles with loops on, we're gonna have to buy more hurdles and I'm wondering if any other types of hurdles with attach properly? I seem to...
  17. TexelBen

    Advice for new converts?

    We're in the progress of sorting our grassland out, we've divided our biggest fields up for rotational grazing (we've been doing that since late last year). We've a few left to do when finds allow. In the last month we've soil tested and applied lime to correct the pH. Last year we subsoiled our...
  18. TexelBen

    Podcast recommendations

    I listen to podcasts while at work, because fixing HGV's is boring when you could be at home farming. I've listened to "the pasture pod" a lot, every episode at least 10 times, but struggling to find others out there. Do you guys have any others? I seem to remember a thread on this somewhere...
  19. TexelBen

    Fodder beet newbie

    Thinking of fodder beet this year for the lambing ewes, help stretch the grass out and keep them ticking over well. They'll be caked on the run up to lambing (mid April). I know very little about fodder beet, I'm assuming you can feed it whole out in the field? Will they be alright on it and old...
  20. TexelBen

    Black Cheviots?

    Seen a few posts about black Cheviots on Facebook, all seem to be American, are they a thing in the UK? Are they any different apart from the colour?