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    200 litres of ad blue, £370 +vat

    Just had the bill for 200l add blue, delivered last week. £370 even in these strange times seems a rip off.
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    Is farm deals open for business?

    Is it just me that can't get any products to come up on farmdeals? I sign in and press a product, eg. Crop protection and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
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    Sprayer jack for a Housham air ride.

    After a sprayer jack for a Househam air ride, the sort with the built in axle stand or similar. Thanks.
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    Teagle rotary topper blades.

    I am after some blades for a teagle topper. The last ones I bought were £17, but now gone up to £38 each. Anyone know of any none genuine at a reasonable price ,or any other makes that fit. Thanks.
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    Play in lower link arms, tractor end.

    We have some play where the pin holds the link arms to the casting on a mf 6480. I was hoping the pin was the weakest link so would have worn but it seems the casting has worn. Anyone had this and what was the fix?
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    What size compressor for a impact gun.

    I am looking to make changing wheels easier, and was wondering how big of a compressor I would need to run an inch drive impact gun like the tyre fitters have. Thanks in advance.
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    Is concrete tax deductible?

    The way I read it, you can't put ready mix concrete against tax, but if you buy cement, sand and grave and mix it yourself , you can. Is this correct?
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    Water storage using IBCs.

    Which pipe and fittings can be used to join ibc tanks together? I want to plumb them together at the outlet tap and thought of 50mm poly pipe ,but not able to join the tap to a compression fitting. Any other ideas would would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Pre em for expected wild oats.

    We got a big second flush of wild oats in beans this year, and now into wheat ,I want the best control possible. Usually use liberator at .6l but if a sniff of pdm would be beneficial it can have it. Opinions welcome.
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    Farmdeals buying group.

    I had an email from farmdeals inviting me to join their buying group which said ,is run in conjunction with the farming forum, but I have not seen anything about it on here. Is anyone a member?
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    Moisture tester clinic.

    Does anyone know if there is a moisture tester clinic at cereals this year?
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    Spring barley poor germination,

    Anyone else experienced poor germination this spring when dd with the simtech? Thinking it may of been because the soil was cold at drilling. Anyone else found this?
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    Round bale wheat silage.

    I have a poor field of wheat and was thinking of mowing it off and starting again with spring barley. The wheat is just leaf and stalk at this stage. Anyone done it and how did it feed? Opinions appreciated.
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    Feed beans.

    Approx 12 ton of beans for sale, good sample. Can load this end , £220 per ton. Cheshire.
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    MF 6480 prop shaft problem.

    Todays pain in the butt is, the two bolts that hold the middle of the prop shaft to the chassis on the 6480 have either worn loose and come out or been sheered off. Either way, the shaft has moved forward an inch and wont push back . Has any one had this problem , and what was the outcome...
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    Subsoiler from Bedfordshire to cheshire.

    Has anyone got room for a subsoiler from Mk44 Beds to CH3 cheshire next week. Please message me if you have. Cheers steve.
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    3 meter shakerator

    I could do with a 3 meter ,5 leg shakerator with a depth roller/ breaker.
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    AB8 flower rich seed.

    We will be looking for a good AB8 seed when spring arrives. Can anyone point me in the direction of a reliable germinating seed that will see out the five year period. Price is important, but i would rather do it once. thanks for any advice.
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    Loadall won't back to 4 wheel steer.

    As above, hardly ever use 2 wheel steer but flicked it in last week and not able to get it back to 4 wheel steer. The back sensor is only just on the washer so put a screw driver between to touch but no joy. How do you tell if the sensor is knackered, as it is not one with a light on,2002 model...
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    Is my vet taking the pee!

    The farm dog has ruptured her cruciate ligament and the small animals vet says it will be in the region of £4500 to get it fixed. She is insured but to a maximum of 3k per injury. He also says if one has gone the other will in time. Has anyone else any experience of this.