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  1. Durry cows

    Mower conditioner

    Looking for tidy mower conditioner front and back or butterfly considered, thanks
  2. Durry cows

    Hp required for jd 381 butterfly mowers

    As per title looking in to possibility of these mowers, would a mapped puma 150 (200 at the shaft same as puma 165/ new Holland 210) power them? Flat fields dairy multicut grass but they are heavy (2.5t) and been told they take some powering! Thanks
  3. Durry cows

    Poultry muck

    Is there any available/delivered to nr Ashbourne, derbyshire? Thanks
  4. Durry cows

    Maize ground/summer heifer grazing Derbyshire

    Just seeing what’s about if anyone has any grassland to graze heifers on this summer/land to grow maize on within 10 miles of de6 Thanks
  5. Durry cows

    3 in 1 advantage feeders-cattle

    How are people finding these? Looking at them as an option to feed dairy heifers on straw and corn as opposed to out of a bag. Is it realistically accurate to “set” it to 3kg/head/day? Thanks
  6. Durry cows

    3 in 1 advantage feeder

    After the 1800 model or bigger to feed calves/growing cattle Many thanks
  7. Durry cows

    Calves on milk

    Good quality calves still on milk from strong cows available, Belgium blue, named sire Hereford’s and some Simmental Thanks
  8. Durry cows

    Wanted collinson side discharge bulk bin

    After a collinson bulk bin side discharge for bagging/filling loadall bucket if anyone has one around 20 ton capacity but everything considered! Thanks
  9. Durry cows

    Wanted autumn calving dairy heifers

    On the look out for around 20 in calf heifers calving now until end of September time thanks
  10. Durry cows

    Bulk milk tank

    Looking for a bulk milk tank 6-8000 litres ideally thanks
  11. Durry cows

    Hereford bull wanted

    Any working age Hereford bulls for sale? Thanks
  12. Durry cows

    Rape seed meal

    Full artic load of rapeseed meal delivered to De6 Ashbourne, thanks
  13. Durry cows

    Medria heat detection and calving system

    For sale Medria heat detection system with 50 collars as well as 5 calving detectors, complete with base unit tel 07964303720 thanks
  14. Durry cows

    Moulton yard scraper

    If anyone’s got one for sale? Thanks
  15. Durry cows

    10ft Cambridge roller

    As above in anyone got 1 lying about thanks
  16. Durry cows

    Crimson clover

    Wasn’t sure where best to put this but after some advice on crimson clover. Anyone that’s grown/had experience with it pictures would be great! Would love to put it in after Maize this week I know we’re late enough but it’s still warm and soil temp good. Would ideally silage before maize again...
  17. Durry cows

    Wanted in milk/soon to calve heifers/young cows

    Still after some dairy heifers/cows if anyone has any to sell Thanks
  18. Durry cows

    Stocks Ag micrometer/seeder to put on small seeds

    After a stocks micrometer or air Seeder to mount on power Harrow and sow grass/rape/small seeds Thanks
  19. Durry cows

    Salisbury to Ashbourne,Derbyshire

    Anyone with a cattle trailer making this run end of next week? Only on the off chance
  20. Durry cows

    Devon to Derbyshire

    On the off chance anyone with a cattle trailer making this route? Thanks