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  1. ih1455xl

    8ft bucket pin and cone

    It’s still here so if anyone wants a bargain bucket attached is bucket spec model is cb10fw
  2. ih1455xl

    Massey 6480 t3 just gone really aggressive and jerky on the shuttle and clutch at bottom

    clutch pedal switches cab sometimes stick give them a spray with a bit of wd40
  3. ih1455xl

    Chemical Price Tracker

    Who was the from
  4. ih1455xl

    Chemical Price Tracker

    Any one had any glyphosate prices lately
  5. ih1455xl

    Massey 6465 low power

    Clean cab earth point can do lots of weird things
  6. ih1455xl

    Bomford B528 parts catalogy
  7. ih1455xl

    BPS code for Bean+OSR twin crop

    I put ac58 for my pea oat have you any pics of it I take it you dd beans in to a standing crop of osr
  8. ih1455xl

    Wheat varieties for (or not for) direct drilling

    I find nelson is a really good no till wheat have planted it anytime from start of Oct to start of feb
  9. ih1455xl

    What Fertilizer spreader ?

    On 2nd kv wouldn’t have anything else now first was a bog standard RS XL this one is a TL geospread with weighing and section control weigh and grade fert got on website get spreader settings and never far out
  10. ih1455xl

    Liquid N advice please

    How many lts of product to get the 7kg of N And how much is a ibc
  11. ih1455xl

    Liquid N advice please

    What about grain proteins
  12. ih1455xl

    Ferri hedge trimmer

    The head crowd ram was hoping to find a helpful parts book that would give me the sizes but looks like irl have to strip it apart first
  13. ih1455xl

    Ferri hedge trimmer

    Just a couple of seal kits will send the head off to joe turner for a re flail and balance looks a well built bit of kit compared to the bomford
  14. ih1455xl

    Ferri hedge trimmer

    Any idea who the importer is now or who does parts for them
  15. ih1455xl

    Liquid fert mixing tank

    Any liquid fert mixing tanks around or big tanks to make one out of
  16. ih1455xl

    Gypsum use

    Yep cake it on the more the merrier 2T/ha on paper should still be able to get it tipped for free used to be able to get spread for free aswell but that stopped a while ago
  17. ih1455xl

    Wrapping 120x90 bales

    No they only do up to 80x90 you need a 998
  18. ih1455xl

    AB15 Seed, Legume mix

    I’d be interested in a couple of bags if you struggle to sell the lot
  19. ih1455xl

    Kvernland geospread

    Cheers will have a better look in the morning
  20. ih1455xl

    Kvernland geospread

    Anyone ever pulled one apart looks like somethings broke on the drop point rotator im guessing bolts have sheared off a stone managed to get jammed between it and a vane I’m assuming it’s a hopper off job Any ideas