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    Situation Vacant Harvest staff wanted, Hertfordshire

    Great Munden Farm require harvest staff for mainly corn cart and cultivations on our 2000 acre, all arable farm in East Hertfordshire. We run a New Holland CR9.90 combine and modern John Deere tractors. Good accommodation is provided as part of the job. Good rates of pay for the right...
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    New Cambridge Rolls

    Looking for a new set of Cambridge Rolls. 12metres wide. Fairly heavy with breaker rings. Currently looking at and getting quotes for Dal-bo, Cousins and He-va. Any others worth looking at? Any issues with the brands I’ve mentioned? Not a huge amount of road work to do.
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    Cambridge Farm Machinery

    Heard from a colleague this morning that Cambridge Farm Machinery have lost their franchise with Vaderstad - any truth in this? Find it hard to believe myself.
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    Going rate for contract drilling

    I’ve been asked by a neighbour to drill 50 acres of beans for them as it’s too wet for their Vaderstad now. 6metre tine drill, 220hp tractor, all Labour and diesel supplied by ourselves. They will supply seed and loader. Medium to heavy land. Needs to be done to make a profit, not just to cover...
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    JD workers on strike. Wonder how this will affect orders / parts. The excuse will probably be used for delays even if not part of the problem
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    Navara due for a change

    My Navara is due for a change in the next 6-12 months, spoke to Nissan today, they (obviously) told me to pull my finger out because Nissan were stopping making the Navara and the last ones would be coming into the country in December. If I were to order today expect the new one to turn up in...
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    Horsch Sprinter - Fodder Radish

    Bit of an experiment - drilled some fodder radish in late May after failed OSR, has established really well, and now a perfect seedbed to drill straight into - fodder radish is about 1.2 m tall, just starting to pod. If I glyphosate now, would a sprinter drill Wheat straight in to the standing...
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    Stolen Grain Trailer - Hertfordshire

    From Facebook, local to me.
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    Torch charger

    I’ve got a Power Hand rechargeable torch, I think it came from Spaldings. I’ve lost the charger. From the torch and the manufacturers website I can’t find the voltage needed. I’ve got a load of spare chargers but not sure which one to use. Has anyone got one who could let me know the spec on the...
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    Red Tractor - Manure Heaps

    I was with a client recently that had a non conformance on his Red Tractor inspection as he doesn’t record the temperature of his muck heaps (temporary in field ones), doesn’t aerate them, and also they must be kept for 6 months before spreading. This is pig FYM. Can anyone tell me why the...
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    Tachograph laws

    Wife’s just bought a 7.5t horse box with a tachometer fitted (paper disc style) - fairly sure it was a conversion for a commercial lorry. I’m presuming the same rules will apply when using it as they would with a 7.5t commercial? Lady she bought it from didn’t seem to know anything about the...
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    When is it too late to send an invoice?

    Had a decent sized job done by a builder (circa £17k) back in the summer which was all invoiced and paid for during work and on completion. There were a few extras he did for me at the same time - I’d guess between £350 and £600. I want to get this paid, and a line drawn under the whole job...
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    Smallholding number?

    Got a friend who’s bought a house with a few acres, and he’s been told it used to be a smallholding years ago. Question is, would every smallholding have been given a number (not entirely sure when it was last deemed a smallholding - guessing 1950s) and if so, where could he find a record of...
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    Stolen JD Crawler

    Seen on Facebook today.
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    Re tiling a house

    Just looking at re tiling the house. 200 square metres of roof to be stripped, new membrane and batons and new peg tiles. Tiles look to be in the ball park of 60-70p each. Any idea on the cost of labour to do this?
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    Temporary accommodation conundrum.

    Looking to get some on site accommodation in the garden of a house we’ve bought whilst we do it up. Static caravan won’t work as it will need to be craned in between trees, so branches would probably do damage to the aluminium on the way through. Shipping container based accommodation however...
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    N rate for 1st year Timothy

    Don’t usually come onto this part of the forum so apologies if it’s been covered recently. I’ve got some Timothy, drilled back in September, clay soil, 300ft above sea level. What sort of rates of N should I be putting on to get a decent first cut this year, and then for following years? TIA
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    Navara seat belt alarm

    Anyone know how to turn the seat belt alarm on a new Navara off? There was a post on here a few years ago about the Hilux one which worked, but now getting driven mad by beeping again!
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    Hilux seats.

    Been having a dodgy back for a few months now, narrowed it down to the seat in the Hilux. I can drive our X5 for a week no problem at all, 5 miles in the Hilux and I'm nearly crippled. The truck is due for a change after Christmas, but in the meantime I'd like to replace the drivers seat. It's...
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    Recommend me a press

    I currently have a Simba unipress and am on clay Liam's, silt loans and chalk soils. I'm looking to change it for a press with discs in rather than tines so that I can run it over stubbles in the summer to get a weed chit. Most of the ploughing I do I tow a press as well. I borrowed a...