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  1. marco

    Tedding for wagon silage to improve cut quality?

    Conditioner or straight mower?
  2. marco

    T2 diabetes tips and tricks

    It's funny that people still try to blame dairy and animal fats. Even the celebritys know most of our health problems are sugar/carbs/processed food. Ever heard the saying "no carbs before marbs" stay off the carbs if you want a beach bod on your holidays
  3. marco

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Could be spreading dung early that's normally spread during the autumn.
  4. marco

    fjd dynamics

    Have you a link to that system?
  5. marco

    So you think you’re an engineer…..

    Why not just make silage and feed them silage?
  6. marco

    Sell store cattle now or wait

    Sell half, if you're happy enough sell the rest next week. In Ireland factory's are buying lighter than fully fit in the marts to kill. I'd say alot of guys are selling 90% finished cattle in the mart due to meal price and buying lighter ones to go straight to grass. Your local mart should have...
  7. marco

    New era?

    Has the country moved up near Greenland or what?
  8. marco

    Can The UK Grow Enough Wheat To Make All Its Own Bread?

    Seen a recipe for barley bread the other day. Anyone tried making bread from barley?
  9. marco

    New wood burning boiler stoves banned.

    Heard nothing about this in Ireland. Was looking for similar the last few days and found these, high efficiency clean burn.
  10. marco

    Which manufacturer 1st to stop ALL supply to Russia

    Would they not be better leaving Twitter in Russia so they are shown what Putin is up to
  11. marco

    Will Putin invade ?

    And biden has no idea whether he's coming or going
  12. marco

    'Cutting the cloth'

    Get rid of the bottom 10%. I'm not talking about the population like most of you assumed😅 but worst producing cereal land, bottom producing dairy and suckler cows sheep etc. They will consume the most and produce the least. Your output may only drop 5% but costs should reduce by more
  13. marco

    Will Putin invade ?

    Are you forgetting Hitler was a deadbeat artist and Stalin was a criminal before their rise to power.
  14. marco

    Will Putin invade ?

    Their country you moron
  15. marco

    Kubota tin Head gasket

    either this one or or maybe this one.
  16. marco

    Kubota tin Head gasket

    I remember Warren from Western truck and tractor repair doing a Kubota engine and he said there was something like 3 different head gaskets for the same engine and alot of measuring had to be done
  17. marco

    BKT or CEAT

    Fitted some 650s on my 6930. Tyre fitter said they were really had to fit but he said were twice the tyre of the cheaper brands.
  18. marco

    McHale straw bedder

    Are the couplers worn?
  19. marco

    Today at work

    Everyone's buying fendts
  20. marco

    H beam/ upright column repair?

    Had that here, welded 2 foot of flat in the middle on both sides.