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  1. Tubbylew

    Heating grants

    Yeah you maybe right, as I understand it the £400 will be given to the energy companies to knock off folks bills, but the £650 to folk on benefits will be a one off payment, with an extra £150 one off to folk on disabillity. I'm sceptical that any amount of money chucked about will solve...
  2. Tubbylew

    Heating grants

    Bit more cash to stoke the infation fire, popular policy though. Ho hum
  3. Tubbylew

    SFI Pilot payments

    How long have we been telling them this? They won't take the food system in this country seriously until the likes of the goldsmiths etc. have had their day in the limelight. I'd like to think there are sensible politicians somewhere in government, but I don't know where they're hiding. Policy...
  4. Tubbylew

    SFI Pilot payments

    I think your overestimating the competance of the goverment to carry the u turn out.
  5. Tubbylew

    Prepping for hedgerow planting, what herbicide to use to kill off existing grass and weeds?

    Iirc the duchy were trialing biodegradable ones made from wool a couple of years back, but they did have a wire clip which was a bit of a draw back, incidentally, I think they're moving away from using guards and deer fencing and just planting thicker to compensate.
  6. Tubbylew

    John Deere 6600 low transmission pressure

    That'd be worth looking into imo
  7. Tubbylew

    John Deere 6600 low transmission pressure

    What about the pto? And the diff lock
  8. Tubbylew

    John Deere 6600 low transmission pressure

    Mine will loose pressure at idle after a hot days work baling usually, traced it down to the mfwd circuit somewhere have changed the seals in the clutch pack, didn't really cure it, have also changed the 'o' rings on the solenoid valve to see if thats where it is, the transmission pump also does...
  9. Tubbylew

    AHDB plugging SFI
  10. Tubbylew

    Yamaha quad parts

  11. Tubbylew

    Local Crime Waves

    The cops are nowt but lazy hereabouts, I get it that theives are difficult to catch and prosecute but what worries me more, is they seem to be completely apathetic to what can only be described as a cocaine epidemic in the locality, despite numerous people raising the issue.
  12. Tubbylew

    Quad Bike Rip Offs!

    It always used to make me smile when farmers used to bring their bikes for a service and exclaim "It's amazing how it drives better after a service" yeah, that would be the 25kg of shite thats been washed off before hand!
  13. Tubbylew

    150-175mm strainers

    I don't keep much stock about me but I did a little job last week and priced up the materials to replace them £32 6-7" 7ft creo post !!! I'll be a bit more careful where I use them from now on, the general impression I was given is that the creosote post job is about knackered with both the...
  14. Tubbylew


    Some folk are just destined to learn the hard way.
  15. Tubbylew

    Quads have no diffs?

    I stand corrected, your absolutley right.
  16. Tubbylew

    Quads have no diffs?

    I would say it depends on the bike, certainly the yamaha 450 grizzly I had, had diff front and rear
  17. Tubbylew

    Wool...what will you do with yours...

    Righteho folks lets see if we can get 200 pages, I'll start...will wool be worth picking up this year or not?
  18. Tubbylew

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    I've long said that everyone should leave school knowing how to cook a healthy meal, be more use than some things that are taught.
  19. Tubbylew

    Diesel's getting scarce

    I'm more suprised they have enough work in them.
  20. Tubbylew

    Carrs Billington rant

    Thats what happen when you remove all personal accountabillity from society, common sense has evaporated.