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  1. Steevo

    Want to know why food prices won’t go down any time soon? Ask a farmer
  2. Steevo

    Energy market corruption

    After the comments in the River Lugg thread today, comments about Red Tractor recently and corruption/collusion I thought I’d flag this up too…
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    To bring a smile to your day….

  4. Steevo

    Brexit Opportunities Minister calls for farming to be deregulated

    Brexit Opportunities Minister calls for farming to be deregulated News26 Apr 2022Abi Kay The Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has called for the farming industry to be deregulated. bookmark_border Abi Kay Abi took up the post of chief reporter at...
  5. Steevo

    Massey Rear Wiper Broken

    My rear wiper has stopped working for some reason. The switch lights up (so I assume the fuse it good but will check it tomorrow to be sure). When I disconnect the motor at the plug on the rear windscreen the switch light goes out. Can I test the wiring at the motor end? It has a plug with 4...
  6. Steevo

    NFU Email - Cropping Intentions

    Just had an email from NFU regarding a cropping intentions survey. On the one hand I partly admire them for asking their members for their input. On the other hand, given their recent activity I'm very reluctant to give them any true information at all. They seem so wedded to Red Tractor and...
  7. Steevo

    KV Geospread Advice

    Is there any simple way to spread more on a piece you have already spread on? If I spread the headland at the wrong rate, then want to go back and top it up what am I best to do? Should I just start a new task, and do the extra rate….?
  8. Steevo

    ‘Rewilders’ and farmers lock horns over plan to cull 25,000 deer from Cairngorms National Park

    ‘Rewilders’ and farmers lock horns over plan to cull 25,000 deer from Cairngorms National Park Shepherds and hill farmers say the proposals are 'inhumane' and warn the push for natural regeneration of parkland could backfire ByDaniel Sanderson, SCOTTISH CORRESPONDENT19 April 2022 • 5:30pm More...
  9. Steevo

    Yagro events

    Just had an invite to a local Yagro event trying to drum up support for using data. Anyone else heard of one of their events or been to one? Must admit I thought they were less active now after being bought out by Frontier.
  10. Steevo

    Email from Agrifac

    View this email in your browser WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW UKRAINE My name is Igor Polishchuk... Together with my family I live in Chmelnytsky, in Ukraine and I work as a Sales Manager for Agrifac. One month ago I was focusing on the sales process of our...
  11. Steevo

    Should George Eustice be removed as Secretary of State?

    Seemed like a worthwhile question given announcements of late.
  12. Steevo

    River pollution to be reduced by 80pc - but the plan will take 30 years

    George Useless is rather slower to act on other sources of water pollution it seems. But still puts the boot into farming in the process. 🙄 Full article text pasted below: River sewage to be reduced...
  13. Steevo

    Solid urea use restricted and to be regulated by Red Tractor

    Looks like the NFU have done a right number on arable farmers. Use of solid urea is now due to be regulated by Red Tractor...
  14. Steevo

    Simon Hoare MP

    Just heard him on tv Politics West. Came across really well. Made a point about ending the false debate between farmers being a food producer or and environmentalist. You are both. All farmers are environmentalists. Also, produce more UK produce and be self sufficient. Pull back on rewilding.
  15. Steevo

    KV compatible WiFi dongle

    Anyone found a standard USB WiFi dongle that is compatible with the KV Tellus Go box? Not sure I fancy asking the price of the KV version - it’ll never be justifiable!
  16. Steevo

    Front Linkage to fit MF6490

    Ideally genuine but would consider alternatives.
  17. Steevo

    Kverneland Spreader storage frame - anyone got/used one?

    Thinking it might be a handy option but wanted to ask the opinion of anyone who already has/uses one.
  18. Steevo

    Groundworks/Building Contractor - Gloucestershire

    Anyone able to recommend a decent and reliable contractor in/around Gloucestershire for doing some farm building works? Need some profile cladding fitting on one barn, storm damage cladding repairs to another, and some concreting and steelwork/concrete panels putting in too.
  19. Steevo

    Power Sonic Batteries - any good?

    Anybody used this brand before? I need a pair of VRLA batteries for a project, and was recommended Power Sonic PG-12V45. I've never heard of Power Sonic batteries before. Good or bad experiences welcome, or alternatives from...
  20. Steevo

    RPA knows best?

    Article in FW this week…