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  1. Bman

    Tine direct seeding

    Went down a bit of a rabbit hole the other day on YouTube, it seems in other parts of the world where they direct sow a lot of cereals (Canada Australia) they seem to use manly tine drills and move a bit of soil. My question is are disc drills great in theory but rubbish in practice or just to...
  2. Bman

    Cultivating depths

    Just a quick one what depth of tillage would you class as min till and what depth would you class maxi till ? And what do people think is the optimum depth where fuel and time are saved but crop performance is not compromised?
  3. Bman

    Will you apply a t0

    With wheat at below the cost of production for many at the moment is anyone thinking about dropping this treatment this year, or is it not worth dropping t0