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  1. 76masseyman

    Right place, right time.

    Just passing Coningsby the other day, so thought I’d pull in near the BBMF to eat my lunch, shame I didn’t get to hear them.
  2. 76masseyman

    Strange Harrow ! Any ideas ?

    A friend rescued these harrows from going in a skip, but we’ve never seen any like this before. Zig zag frames are common, but these are just straight. There are hinges in the middle to join them together, and two small rings for towing, on the front and rear, but they’re offset. The tines don’t...
  3. 76masseyman

    Help me identify these keys.

    Found a key ring with these three on it. Obviously the top one is easy, but no idea on what the middle on could be for. No number or identifying marks on it either. The bottom thing is some sort of gauge maybe ? It has an 8 on it, and the gap is 8mm wide. Any ideas please.
  4. 76masseyman

    Has Putin won regarding our heritage ?

    Some are saying the ‘snowflake’ brigade have gone mad. I can understand not glorifying war, but I see events like these as educational and a way to remember the fallen. These events surely went ahead when our troops were in Iraq and Afghanistan ! I had the privilege to know several people that...
  5. 76masseyman

    Seat belt repair.

    Got a couple of lap type seat belts in an old vehicle. The female buckle on one of them works just fine, but the trim on it has gone. Does anyone know of a seat belt repair specialist, who may replace the male and female parts ? I appreciate the actual belting will probably need replacing as well.
  6. 76masseyman

    Massey Ferguson 1200 Lime Spreader.

    A conversion done by a good friend of mine in the 80’s in Lincolnshire, for a local contractor. It was later sold and went somewhere in Yorkshire. According to DVLA, the tractors reg’ no’ NFU 422M is currently taxed, and due again in August this year. It has probably been converted back to a...
  7. 76masseyman

    Fast and farmer ( ish) programme !

    Coming to BBC3, twin beacon and CB aerials at the ready. I just hope it’s a show about the safer side of handling machinery by our younger farming community rather than the collar up phone in hand brigade.
  8. 76masseyman

    The Ultimate Doe Dual Drive tractor !!

    For sale on Oakfields website, UK registration number, does anyone know who, why, when ? Does look interesting and would be interested in the engineering behind the construction of it. @rorsday ??
  9. 76masseyman

    Someone’s been busy !

  10. 76masseyman

    John Deere during 2021.

    Not surprised really, and I think many will follow suit. No doubt massive amounts of planning required, but how can we plan anything.
  11. 76masseyman

    YouTube on iPad, can anyone help please ?

    When I click on the YouTube app, the home screen usually shows a dozen or so recommended videos, but now it only wants to show one over the full screen. Pretty sure I’ve not changed any settings, as I usually leave that to the younger generation, being not very tech savvy with this stuff. Is...
  12. 76masseyman

    The worlds biggest gets new boots.

    The Big Bud 747, the worlds biggest tractor, has had the original tyres replaced. Sounds like its going back to work after several years in museums.
  13. 76masseyman

    Newark Vintage Show.

    Just been notified that the Vintage show at Newark, due to take place on November 7th and 8th, has been cancelled.
  14. 76masseyman

    Tractors in Canada and America.

    A lot of interesting videos about of farmers working across the pond. One thing I’ve noticed though is that I never seem to see any farm tractors or combines with number plates on. I have a few old USA number plates hung in the shed, which are obviously from cars, and I appreciate that many...
  15. 76masseyman

    Mursal ??

    Is @Mursal ok anyone know ? Usually one of the first to give sensible help and advice to other members, but not been on for three weeks. Hope all is ok.
  16. 76masseyman

    12 V air horn.

    Need to put a new horn on a vehicle, and need one with a tad more oomph than standard. The vehicle has no air supply, but I’ve seen some truck like air horns with their own compressor, and they don't seem too expensive either. Anybody got or fitted one ? Any good, or get what you pay for ?
  17. 76masseyman

    Midlands Machinery Show, Newark.

    Looks like to visit this year, it’s still free entry, but you need to register, and print off a ticket. If going both days, then two tickets required. I presume there’ll be registering on the gate, but I can see that creating congestion !!
  18. 76masseyman

    Field of Friends event.

    Some of the classics at this years event. Should be some footage on YouTube soon as George Saunders and Lord Muck we’re there filming.
  19. 76masseyman

    iPhone email auto reply.

    If I set the auto reply feature on an iPhone, or some call it out of office for emails, does the phone have to remain switched on for the feature to work and alert the sender that I’m unavailable ?
  20. 76masseyman

    iPhone email auto reply.

    if I set up the auto reply out of office feature to reply to emails on an iPhone, does the phone have to remain switched on until I return it to normal, or does it do the auto bit while switched off ??