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    Interesting article about wheat prices.

    As above.
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    Pig and Poultry Fair

    Was it exciting? I miss going along but am too busy/unenthusiastic this year.
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    Environment Agency waste exemptions survey

    Had an email today - "we would like to help you understand the upcoming changes to waste exemptions this year" "Your feedback will be used to improve the guidance and the waste exemtion registration service" "Our researcher will contact you to set up a 30 to 45 minute online meeting between...
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    CS Capital claims

    Having just learned this I thought that I would share. If you are sending proof of capital claims it is not acceptable to just include photographs on an email. You must put the photos in a word document or as pdf files or an excel file otherwise your claim for some of the money that you have...
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    Barley Shortage

    As the last boat load of barley leaves Tilbury in a week or two there is no barley left in East Anglia. What is everyone else doing with their pig rations?
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    Gypsum on high Mag clay?

    Is this a thing I should be doing to help the DD?
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    Is this the last straw for pigs?

    Just when I thought things were turning a corner the feed price increase has put the economics of carrying on in pigs into even more dubious territory. It wouldn't be so terminal if we had a heap of money in the bank from profitable production over the last year and more but that piggy bank has...
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    Good News in the pig trade

    I thought if I started this thread someone would think of something..........
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    Don't be too honest

    I generally regard myself as being honest with almost everything especially in my dealings with the law makers and law checkers. This may well end though; Above is a picture of the 4 cows and their calves that we had to DNA test (at considerable expense and inconvenience) to prove that each...
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    pm tonight and Olly.

    Very interesting that Olly from Olly Blogs was the 'go to' farmer for the pm programme segment about rewildding and all that stuff. Very good he was too and thanks for saying stuff that the Union doesn't seem to be able to say, I hope that they didn't edit anything even more pithy out.
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    Clipping tails

    I normally clip the backs of calves when they come in for winter as I think it really helps.. Tom Pemberton is forever clipping tails 'to keep the cattle cleaner' I must confess to cutting the long straggley bits off the tail ends and one or two dags. What do other people do?
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    Cull Boar and sow prices

    I booked some into the main place in the country that takes these today. Fortunately it is not too far away. Three weeks ahead price; Boars 5p per kg, sows 15p. I may unbook them.
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    Force Majeure on capital work for Stewardship

    I have a couple of agreements with NE for CS. Almost all the capital work is hedge planting. The first agreement began January 20 but I received no confirmation until March 20 and could not proceed with the planting plan that year because of the lateness of that. That left me last winter and...
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    Planting hedges without guards

    I have a bit of a hedge planting plan coming up this winter, several thousand plants at least all being well. I don't particularly suffer from rabbits or deer and wondered if it is stupid to try and plant the whips without guards or canes as there is a considerable cost implication. If I were...
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    Future of Farming Worshipful Company of Farmers

    Dieter Helm, love him or question him, has had a huge influence on the Environment Bill that will be altering the lives of those involved in Agriculture UK probably more than the Agriculture Act when it is passed into law. The idea of what British Agriculture and the countryside and all those...
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    Easycare shearlings for sale

    I have 50 of them and would like to sell about 40 - you choose. £160 each. Just got them off rough grazing today, Hep P+.
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    Anyone know how much US crop insurance costs the farmer there?

    Watching one of the Welker videos the other day where they gave up harvesting hundreds of acres of peas that had been droughted or 'hailed out' saying that they had left strips in even the good fields so that the Assessor could look at them for insurance payout made me wonder how much this...
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    Imported lamb from NZ more carbon neutral than home produced?

    I usually listen to the farming programme on Radio 4, I am not always on full alert though and must cinfess to the occasional lapse in concentration. This morning I am sure that i heard that imported lamb from New Zealand can be more carbon neutral than home produced lamb. Whatever sort of...
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    World Meat production

    I came accross this graph and I thought that it was very interesting.... I was surprised by how much goose and guinea fowl was produced and presumably eaten and that the poultry had gone up so much since I was born (coincedentally when this graph started) The size difference between...
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    Field Re-numbered now NE have lost it.

    A field of mine has been re-numbered due to a boundary moving on a side not connected with my AB1 application. On my main SFP application the re-numbered field appears as normal. On my mid tier application the old field number appears but with a field area of 0.00 ha and the new number is...