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  1. Jim Bullock

    CF Nitram dusty?

    We have changed from Urea to CF Nitram this year as I was persuaded it was better, but having not used it for probably a decade I am surprised how dusty it is. The spreader is white after an hour or so, is this normal or is our Kuhn spreader breaking it up? The spreader is well maintained and...
  2. Jim Bullock

    Urea or AN for D-D spring crops?

    We have been using urea both pre-drilling and top dressing for spring wheat, oats and linseed but I am beginning to wonder if it's the right choice. Spring crops need to get up and grow and under dry conditions the urea can often sit on the surface before being dissolved by the next rainfall...
  3. Jim Bullock

    Direct Driller

    Has the first edition of Direct Driller Magazine been released yet?
  4. Jim Bullock

    Brexit future is bright

    I am not ashamed to say that I voted Remain, and I understand that I was in the minority of UK farmers (70% voting Brexit). So far I am not seeing any benefits just increased input costs (fuel, machinery and chemicals) and as we are still in the EU even if /when the pound rebalances against the...
  5. Jim Bullock

    Seed Regulations post Brexit

    Just wondering what will happen to seed regulations post Brexit? Will it be possible to trade certified seed between farmers and growers who are not certified seed merchants. And if we go totally "Little Englanders" could we dream of being able to buy seed from a neighbour (pay the royalties)...
  6. Jim Bullock

    40' Container to New Zealand

    Been asked to quote today to supply some of our cultivation kit to NZ but have no idea what the freight costs might look like. I suspect we would be looking at an open top container so we can get a sufficient number of machines in...we would have to hire a crane to load the container then we...
  7. Jim Bullock

    Border Terrier Stolen

    My parents five month old border terrier puppy was stolen from their garden off the Guarlford road leading into Great Malvern this evening at about 7.15pm. A small white van was backed into a gateway just above their house before to dog was taken. None of the local inhabitants now anything about...
  8. Jim Bullock

    Does the Brexit camp have a long term strategy for UK Agriculture?

    I have very much been a "sit on the fence" follower to many of these discussions, and I am just surprised how many farmers (and here I am talking about those who earn their livelihood from farming) are in favour of Brexit. I have three strategy plans for our farm... One; how to get through the...
  9. Jim Bullock

    Gout Fly

    We have cut our area of spring wheat by 50% this year due to the gout fly problems we had in 2015. However I have been out today and I think it is fair to say there is a gout fly egg on every plant so we will be going in tomorrow with 50mls of Hallmark.. And probably again later in the week...
  10. Jim Bullock

    Log In

    Why all of a sudden do I have to log in every time I come on to TFF ? It's OK off my lap-top but if Log in off my iPad or iPhone I have to feed in my details. Is there some security loop that I need to address.
  11. Jim Bullock

    Kubota / Great Plains

    Just read on Twitter that Kubota have bought up Great Plains... Fact or Fiction..?
  12. Jim Bullock

    Machinery sales

    On Countryfile this evening the machinery dealer from Shropshire suggested that sales were down by 40 - 50 % and that is an area where there are some of the most profitable farmers in the UK ( so we are lead to believe) . So what is happening in the less prosperous areas of the country ? We hear...
  13. Jim Bullock

    Ladbroke's on Brexit

    If the GB goes for Brexit, IMO Cameron will be out within a few days to be replaced by Boris. Given a few months we would have a general election and there is just a possibility that comrade Corbyn could become PM which would return this country to the 1950's . Any ideas for the odds on this...
  14. Jim Bullock

    Spring Oat drilling rates

    I have never grown spring oats so do not know if they tiller like winter varieties. We normally drill winter crops at about 125 kgs/ha but I suspect we need to be planting more in the spring....? There was a thread on spring oats but I cannot find it.
  15. Jim Bullock

    Best outdoor cctv to iPhone system

    I am looking for a couple of cameras that I can set up in our farm buildings and view on my iPhone 5s . The cameras can have mains electricity supply and will be situated under the over-hang of a building. I have looked at various options on Amazon but I am not sure that for £35 they will do the...
  16. Jim Bullock

    What's really going on in the machinery business?

    I just wonder how many machinery dealers will be able to weather the present storm.? If you look at the portfolio of second-hand kit available from some of the big dealers I would have sleepless nights worrying how to divulge myself of it... The only benefactors will be the finance companies who...
  17. Jim Bullock

    I was probably one of the first people to subscribe to the Farmers Weekly website and the fwi email facilities. I have put up with years of poor service yet have tolerated it because I felt that FWI ought to be at the forefront of British Agricultural information. I buy the FW each week from my...
  18. Jim Bullock

    Subsoiler leg spacing

    I am sure it has been covered before, but what is the optimum spacing for subsoiler legs v working depth? I know the shallower you work the closer the legs need to be but I seem to remember somebody (Philip Wright?) coming up with a formula.
  19. Jim Bullock

    Manitou 732 hydraulic pump

    The main hydraulic pump on our Manitou has started to leak quite badly from where it splits from its mounting shown in photo. Is it a new seal kit or is the pump worn out ? (done 2000 hours since it was replaced in 2003)..
  20. Jim Bullock

    Does No-Till solve all our problems?

    I was very interested to read Andy Barr's column in this weeks FW. He is one of the few contributors that I actually read and believe.. I get very concerned by the growing band of no-tillers who seem to think that...