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    I told you so !

    I thought that the standard ministry excuse was "Lessons will be learned and applied going forward". But of course they never are.
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    Clarkson on the nail again?

    Thats the major issue. Over the last 20 years there has been major investment in grain storage facilities in the producing areas and also at the ports. Several competing grain terminals have been built at Mykolaiv port alone. Odessa port can load out two 70,000 ton ships simultaneously and...
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    Waterproof safety boots

    I've bought several pairs of Strauss boots. The soles fell off every pair long before they wore out. I found Amblers at half the price last much longer.
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    Saw this Massy 3165 digger at a sale

    I can sympathise with you. I used to drive one that had no brakes and very iffy steering. The only way to stop it was to stamp on the reverse pedal, but if the engine stalled you were in real trouble with no brakes or steering. Once I nearly took the side out of a school bus with the *** thing.
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    Philmac poly liner

    I believe that one reason to use liners is that they present a smooth edge that slips through the O ring seal in the fitting without damaging it. If you cut the pipe using shears, the sharp edge can score the O ring or push it out of its groove.
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    Can I do anything with only 5000 m2? Dexter?

    Can I suggest that you speak to the Dansk Dexter Association? I'm sure that they will be able to advise you. Their website is and email is [email protected]
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    need some walking boots

    Maybe a little closer to you than Penrith, Lockwoods at Leamington Spa are pretty good. First time I wore some of their boots, I went to look at some cattle in Switzerland. The owner only told me when I got there that they were up on the mountain - 7,000 feet up!!. Made it up and back without...
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    Resurfacing rubber rollers

    I'd rate having a specialist doing the job over a tin of do it yourself rubber paste every time. Having seen it done, the specialist companies spin the roller in a lathe whilst sanding off the surface with a linishing belt. This makes sure that the finished roller is perfectly round. If it...
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    Defra User Research - Rural Payments Agency

    When I last tried to call DEFRA helpline. it took so long to work my way through 101 layers of press this and press that, then waiting for someone to answer - which they never did - that I racked up a phone bill of £6.50 to achieve absolutely nothing.
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    Hauling People Is this any help??
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    Electric fendt

    Robert Llewellyn claims that the electric Fendt can pull "tons", so why is it on grassland tyres? Surely there is no way that a tractor that size can get enough traction for field work unless it is on agricultural tyres?
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    What's the going rate for a Boulder?

    Just take a look at the TV show Salvage Hunters to see what developers and designers will pay for something that meets their needs. Obviously, your stone just hits the spot for someone and you are the only available source. Why not take advantage of that, if the boot were on the other foot...
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    Global Wheat Shortage due to Ukraine War

    In November 2021, the US Department of Agriculture made this prediction "The US Department of Agriculture in its November World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report issued Nov. 9 forecast the carryover of wheat on June 1, 2022, at 583 million bushels (15,866,536 tons), up 3 million...
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    Ecoplugs and Bamboo

    When I took over some rented land, it had three large clumps of bamboo in one corner. My Dexter cattle loved eating it and scratching themselves on it. They ate it back so hard that it killed the plants completely so now there is no trace of it. I'll rent you a couple of Dexters for only a...
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    New information about local nature recovery and landscape recovery

    I am sure that everyone will agree that Exmoor is a unique and special place. But can I ask why more than half of the advisory panel that is / has developed a farming strategy for the whole country represent that area? Surely there ought to be a mix of interests and skills from the whole country?
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    Small scale grain dryer needed

    I don't think that model came with floats did it???
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    New era?

    Can I make a minor correction? Ukraine is a similar size to France - or at least it was the last time that I was there. According to the World Bank, Ukraine has 413,000 squ kms of arable land compared to 286,000 squ kms in France. But yes you are correct that it is a major exporter of maize...
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    Rayburn Repairs Rip Off

    Way back - I managed the fixed equipment department of a machinery dealership. At that time, the RRP of a set of Rayburn wicks was £65. I bought them from the company that supplied Rayburn for less than £2. My dad bought a new Rayburn to replace an ancient one. It was a complete disaster.
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    Tow chain

    It doesn't really matter if you are using a strap, a wire rope or a chain, the way that you attach it to the load is also an important factor. A shackle or the towing eye on the vehicle can fail and fly straight at you. If you are sitting on the towing tractor, you are a sitting duck...
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    Tow chain

    Can I advise caution if you are towing something like an HGV in a ditch with a chain. Tow chains are easily damaged around the farm and small nicks can grow to cracks when under load. Lifting chains are inspected frequently to check for cracks and other damage. Tow chains tend to get abused...