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    Looking some advice/info on subsoiling. Got some heavy ground with about 10" of top soil and red clay below, that I need to sort some compaction on. Hope to do a bit once the combine is out and it's hopefully nice and dry. I have no experience at all with subsoiling so wondering what type of...
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    HSS results back today. Fusarium @2% and net blotch and leaf stripe <0.5 Would fusarium level justify dressing?
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    Who can I contact to get advise on starting up a caravan/glamping site? I am in Northern Ireland and recon I have a fairly good site but have no experience at all of such sites. Is there anything like a caravanning site association that can offer advise on such things like planning or point me...
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    welger rp200

    Need to replace the bearing on the roller which the door hinges on. Took the large drive sprocket off and now cannot get the center nut off, half the nut is recessed into this spacer so cannot get a good fit on the nut. The spacer doesn't seem to be able to be hit back any to reveal anymore of...
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    Lime- Slurry

    Can I spread lime on top of my stubbles and maybe a week later follow with pig slurry infront of the plough, or did I read somewhere there is a reaction between lime and slurry?
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    NH or JD combine

    On the look out for a TX63/64 or a JD 2254/6. Must be clean and would like <3000hrs. Thanks.
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    TX6* equivalent

    What would be a slightly newer equivalent to a tx63 ish. Thinking about upgrading for next year and a tx63-65 would suit but if i could stretch a bit more and go newer again would be great.
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    New holland TX32

    lost gears in a manual TX. Came to end of run and went to change from 2nd to 3rd and lost drive. Gear linkage is ok as far as top of gearbox but no feeling with gearstick, any idea's?
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    Puma fuel gauge

    Got a puma here where the fuel gauge will drop to empty for a few minutes and then back up to where it should be. keeps doing it constantly and I wasnt overly concerned but just put 256lts into it there when the gauge was reading over half which means its not reading correct and could catch me...
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    Drainage trencher

    Got some heavy ground needs a bit of drainage. No stones or rocks through any of it and I'm thinking a trencher might be the job for it rather than a 360. Any of you guys over here in N.I know anyone who runs a trencher for drainage work?
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    Opico center auger

    Any idea's on a price for a new center auger for a 12ton model? I've seen a few ads for places that recon them but not sure if it's worth the hassle or just stick a new one in?
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    Impact sockets

    Looking for a set of 1/2" impact sockets. Any recommendations, offers or deals on at the minute?
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    Anaerobic digesters

    I havn't the first idea about these but are they still a viable option?. All the grants/subs are now stopped are they not? Are they something I should look into or is that passed now? Thanks.
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    Got the above here, 2017 with 1800hrs. The hydraulic pump gets very noisy when tipping a trailer. Not all the time but just occasionally. New oil and filters and still the same and plenty of oil???
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    Tm range command

    Got a TM here with the range command gearbox, just turned 6000hrs and the last few mornings has had trouble engaging forward and reverse on the shuttle. When shuttle is pushed forward/backwards it just flashes all the range gear lights and display flashes N. It could start working after 2...
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    TM steering

    Have one here from nearly new, 6000hrs on it now. Ive always thought the steering is quite heavy on it but think its maybe getting heavier, anything I can do with it to help? Thanks.
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    Seed dressing applicator

    Thinking about having a go at my own seed dressing. Ive a cleaner here which does an excellent job, so just need to sort the dressing side of things. I have a 3"auger here on a tripod with a small hopper on the end. I can measure the auger output easy enough so as to know how much dressing to...
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    Opico 600

    Got the above dryer here, turned off last night but this morning cannot get it to fire. It starts up ok and turns the heat on displaying ignite on the control box but after a minute or so shuts down displaying no flame on control box. Any help?
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    Led bulbs

    Can you get a decent led bulb to replace your ordinary h4. I have in the past tried china's finest, but found them to be useless. That was quite a few years ago and wondering has the tec moved on?.
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    Puma lights

    Put the two rear outside worklights on my Puma today. Bought them from dealer, wiring already there below roof skin and plugged straight in, great job except I cant get them turned on. Anyone with these lights on their Puma able to tell me how to turn them on? Reading through book I think I...