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    Water smartweed / amphibious bistort control

    I have a plague of it and I can't seem to find a suitable herbicide. Cutting it does knock it back a bit but won't kill it. I think it's in the knotweed family
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    Heifer acting strangely.

    I have a batch of replacements and 1 is starting to concern me. She is BB / AA / with a bit of Sim in her too, 26 months old, approx 600 KG, AI'd six weeks ago. A stranger could walk up and rub her generally, she has no fear of humans. Except 3 times she has kinda frightened me out in the...
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    Massey 165 diff lock

    Some time ago I tried to free the seized diff pedal on my square axle 165 and ended up breaking the support / bracket that the diff pedal is connected to. (Brute force and ignorance) My plan is to buy a new bracket / support and steep the pedal in diesel to free it before attaching it to the new...
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    Massey weights

    I've came across these weights recently through the classifieds, they all fit and will do the job rightly. I'm intrigued as to which Tractors they might have originally been for.
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    Loosening seized bolts

    As in attached photo. The 2 pieces are the tiniest fraction loose, yet the bolts are seized solid, won't loosen or tighten. It's for a 100 series MF Would it be OK to get a welder to join the 2 pieces together?
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    Identify the weed

    I'd love to identify these as I want to spray them. I live in Ireland and the land would not be the best. They disappear in winter, and in summer they grow as high as the silage, no flowers on them.
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    100 series hydraulics

    Hi guys I'm back once again looking for some free advice. This time I'm wondering about upgrading the hydraulics on my long suffering MF165 which is a 1976 model and has had zero work ever done to the hydraulics. It has a tipping hose which is rarely used except at turf time here in deepest...
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    They said it couldn't be done

    I recently acquired a second hand 'Y' hitch which I intend to adapt for my ol massey 165. It may also be called a swinging drawbar??? The one the pin drops down into to hold the trailer on etc.. To get it to fit I need to shorten it a little and drill a new hole in it. Is this possible with a...
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    MF 165 power steering

    Power assisted steering, new kit, just fitted to tractor, never had power steering fitted before. 212 engine. Pump bolted on under alternator, connected to timing gear I think. Steering working excellent, very happy. Had to remove alternator, fitter reckons he might be able to modify existing...