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    Slow in the mobile

    Just letting the mods know that the app and the site has been slow on my cell for the past few days. Sometimes it's both at the same time or one and then the other. Sometimes they are running fine. I don't have much running on my phone, actually less than normal. Thought I'd give a shout and see...
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    Your current weather.

    I'd like to see what the weather you all are experiencing throughout the year. Tempeture and conditions. Just post what it was like and if there any changes. Yesterday morning it was 53F and drizzle. About noon cleared off and windy at 15mph gusting to 30. Temp dropped throughout the day. This...
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    New thread ideas.

    Hey all. I've been approached by a couple people inquiring me to do a thread about an American farm, the field work side. I thought this was a coincidence, since I'm an American farmer. In honesty I thought of doing this, but I would like to do this right. I want input as to what you are most...
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    Farmall 806 engine swap to....

    Our 806's engine took a complete dump. Had the dealer pick it up and they never tried an engine conversion kit and wanted to so... It now has a Cummins 5.9 with the turbo. Makes 185 horsepower. :)
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    DeLaval C-125 flood out on Detergent cycle

    We had to replace our old washer unit in July. Haven't had any problems with the C-125. Past two days it's been flooding out on the detergent (2nd) wash cycle. Since we've been combining I've just told the guy in the afternoon to hold the flood out trap down till it finishes washing that cycle...
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    2013 most dangerous jobs in America.

    Farming, ranch work, and other agriculture jobs ranked number 8 in the US. I'd like to know what the ranking is in the UK and what have people done to make it safer for people to work their farmers. Just a good 'Ol fashion job safety thread...
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    Bumper Crops!

    Lets hear your bumper crops guys! Nothing like expecting menial and getting the best! Currently combining corn. In 52 acres and averaging 225 bushel an acre. Have 268 acres left!
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    Dairy herd average

    As the title implies, what's your herd average. I'm interested to see what you folks get accross the pond. Lowest we had in recent memory, 82 pounds this summer. Highest was 95 pounds. And current is 87.5 pounds.