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    Farmer's country showdown, BBC 1 @ 3.45pm today and on iPlayer afterwards.

    Looking forward to seeing my mate (I do have one) @borderterribles and @Supergirl this afternoon, a most genuine outfit if ever there was, hoping the tele does them justice.
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    If a tenanted farm has squatters land in the yard, does the landlord need the tenants permission to evict them. TIA
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    You have to smile.

    So I've failed farm assurance (nothing wrong with stock or milk quality) but they now say I'm going to get a spot check within the next 12 months (no problem with that) what gets my goat is the fact, they've given me 28 days to pay for said visit (£270) and if its not paid within that time my...
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    Beef Expo

    Took my lad for a day out yesterday, very good show, thought one or two breed society's could have made more effort, Simmental stand was outstanding, and had some serious cattle on it, Piemontese looked very good cattle, fine boned(easy calving ?) and very good conformation, does anyone have any...
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    New Dairy Enterprise

    Nice to sit in the house with a cup of coffee and watch the cows being sold in drayton, one or two wanted buying.
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    Heifer's shoulder

    Just thought I'd share this. Went down the field to some calving heifers 17 days ago, one was down with feet and nose out, put ropes on feet and pulled calf, no jack, calf was tight but just put a bit of stick through ropes and pulled and he came. Heifer wouldn't get up so left her and went back...
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    Totally ignorant so any advice would be appreciated. We are about to put a new shed up for parlour and dairy. It is our intention to run the parlour on a generator, not bulk tank, lights, etc going to run a cable from other buildings for those. We are at the end of the line with electric and...
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    Farmers weekly

    Just been talking to Tim Relf, I asked why they don't do an article once a month on council tenants, as a lot of them start with very little. His reply. Those are the one's that fall by the wayside and never do any good, our readers would rather hear about successful businesses . The reason of...
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    Dog to work suckler cows

    Is anyone looking for a dog suitable for suckler cows? We've got a very brave young blue merle bitch who's too rough for sheep and dairy cows and no good around poultry, so not suitable for us. Needs some work but a lovely little dog and it would be great to find the right job for her. Not...