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    Dis is what wil 'appen!

    The world is entering recession, the nodding donkeys that were made to giddy up will be put back to sleep when the oil steadies at $70 a barrel. The poor oil companies that have invested in more production and had their chance of a half decent profit stolen by a windfall tax along with pension...
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    Windfall tax for everyone.

    Why not? Why pick on the energy companies only? Seems to be a crime to make a profit these days.
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    bing maps not working

    Is it just me? Bing maps is upside down and inside out. Can't use it . Is Ivan up to his tricks?
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    Back from the dead?

    A few days old calf seemed to be lying unconcious. I rubbed it vigorously and eventually it came round but I really thought it was a goner. Heart problem? Don't know about the calf but I nearly had one! Any ideas? Ta.
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    How to go to war without diesel/petrol?

    Just listened to our leaders debating on renewables, but nothing on how we would power our military. Nuclear? Solar? Battery? Wind? Wave? Chicken sh!t? . Haven't seen any of these powering tanks and jets in Ukraine. Do they live on another planet? Fast forward a few years and we're fighting in...
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    Civil defence exercises in Moscow

    They did We haven't Should we?
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    What are we scared of?

    Seems the Russians are the only ones tbat can treaten to escalate,why can't we? They have no right to be in the air above Ukraine, we do if invited by the Ukrainian government. Tell the barstewards that next time they hit a childrens hospital the response will be 'severe' Putin's been let get away...
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    Civil defence information from local councils

    Anyone seen any communications from their councils? Could be very close to missile fireworks if we listen to Russian headcases. Watch the movie 'The day after' , scare the pants off you!
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    Cremation ads on tv

    At least we won't have to endure these bloody ads after Vlad has cremated us all for free!
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    Fossil fuel engines finished?

    Try telling those Ukrainian refugees to wait for a vacant recharging point!
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    Coup on the horizon?

    Heard that a general has spoken out against Putin's adventures in the borderlands.,anyone concur?
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    Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends....¶¶¶

    Cought a bit of a fifties western on tv with the bad guy going to buy up thousands of acres to plant grain to feed people and Randoph Scott replying that catt!e feed people too. So the same old arguement was topical even then
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    Ain't all bad in Russia.

    Diesel 0.6 Euro/litre. Infinite gas No proposed meat tax No wokism (whatever that is!) Ban it anyway. Great ballet Great Lada chip-free cars Male/Female clearly defined (before hormone jabs that is) Bags of wide open spaces Move over Vlad we're invading
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    Exercise headless chicken is nearing completion.

    Putin: exercise 'Defend Our Border' is now complete for our SW region. Further exercises may take place on other national border areas at any time. As time and again repeated, these are purely defensive exercises and NATO members should recognise this right and stop behaving like headless...
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    5/8 kW truck/caravan diesel heater

    Anyone got one of these? 8kW sounds optimistic to me. Chinese ones are around the £100- 150 mark.
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    Preparing for war

    Anyone making preparations in the event of war in Ukraine or are you more concerned with things like G. Maxwell trial and pardoning witches (Scotland) and No. 10 partying and wallpaper or are you just sleepwalking into oblivion????
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    Boris has resigned.

    Oh no he hasn't Oh yes he has Oh no he hasn't Oh yes he has Well, maybe soon.
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    Just puncture the boats

    A hedge cutter would make short work of those expensive inflatibles.
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    What's up with Ebay?

    Some things (ex China) have gone up over 500% over the last couple of years. There's a lot less choice and the same item is offered by lots of sellers (or the same seller under different names maybe?). I get the sense that things are not normal recently.
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    Four and twenty..........

    Pissheads came down from Inverness And after next election there'll be four and twenty less! Honest Nicola, it was all due to the medication. Don't believe those squaddies!