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    Proforge /TWB or similar mole plough.

    single leg moleplough. Either mounted or trailed ..
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    Accord ESC drill control box

    Accord drill control box like in picture below
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    3 m Mcconnel shakeaerator

    As titke Anything considered
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    4m hyd folding power Harrow.

    Kuhn/Amazone/lemkin? Anything considered
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    Where to buy Fertiliser spread testing kit

    Had a company here last week who told me I could test 2 products. Anyway. 30 minutes and £250 later having claimed a headland test was the 2nd product therefore only one product was tested I am now after my own kit . Felt slightly ripped off by said company . Where’s the best place to buy a kit...
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    Mobile air compressor blowing oil in air.

    Got a Maco Meuden mobile air compressor with a 3 cylinder Diesel engine. Engine runs cool but the compressor is blowing oil out in the air line and the compressor part where the oil reservoir is gets v hot . Have changed all filters and oils still not helped and cleaned the oil cooled radiator...
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    11.00 x 16 front wheels fit ford

    11.00 x 16 front wheels fit ford Suit ford 2 wd 10 series
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    Kuhn axis actuator

    To fit 40.1 quantron control
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    540/65 r 38 tyres

    After a set of part worns
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    18.4 x 38 tyres

    After a pair of 18.4 r38 tyres . Part worns Thanks
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    Blue light placement for sprayer boom

    Got a couple of blue lights from UTV products to go on my Househam sprayer. Where is best to mount them? Side of sprayer shining back/sideways ? Under boom shining across? Rear shining forward
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    Repairing electrical wires outer sheath after small fire

    Had an incident on the combine this evening . A small oak branch had landed on top of engine and set fire which in turn set fire to the wiring harness by engine. Luckily we put it out but kept about 12 wires fused together. We pulled them all apart and now need to recover them . Most about 5...
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    Mole plough

    Single leg moleplough . Linkage or Trailed
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    Fendt 700 series front pto

    To fit 724. Thanks
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    Tightening up Claas liner rake arms sleeves

    Got a 680 liner . Brill rake but movement in rake arm sleeves. Never need to take off for transport. Saw a pic with these clamps on. Are they a Claas part? Or any other tips to remove some slack apart from new sleeves which are ££££ mine current sleeves are the linchpin style type
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    650 65 r42 &540 65 r30 Michelin

    About 30% tread
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    Lithan n settings Kuhn Axis 40.1

    Looking for lithan settings. S6 discs 24 m. Not listed on the Kuhn app for some reason. Sure plenty of it is spread
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    Fendt Contour Assist worth it?

    Currently drilling headlands on the adaptive curve settingthen adding straight AB. Works ok. Is contour assist/segments worth it to make it easier. Drill has no markers. What else does it allow you to do? Drilling headland with 750a with no markers can sometimes be tricky to get marks correct. Will
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    Weld on top link hook off quick hitch cat 3

    After a weld on cat 3 hook off a quick hitch like one circled in picture. 35 mm pin diameter . Plenty in America . None here . Thanks
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    Remote engage foot switch Trimble Ez Steer wiring diagram

    Does anyone know which number pins the 2 wires plug into on a 25 pin plug like photos for a foot switch to engage auto steer